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Electronic wrap reel 09A

Automatic wrapping up to 20 yarn skeins from a single or multiple package holders, each skein wrapped with same length

Electronic Wrap reel is compliance with Standard UNI EN ISO 2060, A.S.T.M. D-1907-01, UNI 9275, ASTM D-2260, DIN 53830



1 meter - 5 ends
1 meter - 10 ends
1 meter - 20 ends
1 yard - 7 ends
Calibration - Taratura
Certification - Certificazione
Tech support - Supporto tecnico

The dyeing houses need to speed up processes for yarn skeins preparation to test the colours on yarns

Wrap reel Branca 09A operates in two modes:

  • Yarn dyeing: suitable for the automatic preparation up to a maximum of 20 skeins from a single yarn package, each wrapped at the same length; this method is suitably designed for dyeing houses to apply colours on skeins and testing;

  • Yarn count: selecting the classical reeling method used to prepare yarn hanks from one or more yarn packages and after that weighting each skein to determine yarn count (Nm, Td, Ne, Nw, others) with a precision balance;

The instrument is equipped with:

  • A brushless motor, ultra-silent and electronically commanded to assure a gradual acceleration and deceleration ending with its automatic stop of motor operation to position step '0';
  • An HMI Touch Screen allows the operator to configure the wrapping and other useful settings as traverse motion, skeins no. etc., two external switches, one to choose test procedure, second one to set back the trolley to the HOME positioning and ready for the next wrapping process;
  • Retractable reel rod to help the operator for an easy removal of wrapped yarn skeins and tension device to apply the desired friction to yarn ends during wrapping processes.

FYI: Yarn holder supports available with models A and C and Tension meter to read the tension force applied expressed in centiNewton with a total range from 0 to 400cN.

Electric Wrap reel 09
Manual Wrap reel 08

Technical data:

Yarn Reel circumference: A) Metric Type: 1 meter
B) English Type: 1 yard
C) English type: 1,5 yard
End no.: A) Fractionator: up to 20 yarns from one package (with reel width of 550 mm)
B) Yarn Count (standard): 5 or 10 yarns for Metric Type
C) 7 or 12 for English Type;
Motor speed: A) Fixed at 150 rpm (UNI EN ISO 2060)
B) Variable with potentiometer up to 250 rpm
Power supply: 110/230 VAC - 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 780 x 600 x 560 mm.

FYI: Special reel circumferences can be supplied on request as per the reel width up to 550 mm to wrap more yarns simultaneously or independetly with fractionator.


Electronic wrap reel 09A is commonly used in the following applications:
  • Testing houses
  • Textile laboratories
  • Dyeing laboratories
  • Dyeing houses;
  • Spinning mills;
  • Yarn color sampling;

  • Fractioned Wrap-reel
  • Fractioned-reel-09A

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