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Yarn-reel 09A

Ideal for dyeing processes: automatic preparation of a maximum of 20 yarn hanks from the same bobbin, each one of the same length

UNI EN ISO 2060, A.S.T.M. D-1907-01, UNI 9275, ASTM D-2260, DIN 53830



1 meter - 5 ends
1 meter - 10 ends
1 meter - 20 ends
1 yard - 7 ends
Calibration - Taratura
Certification - Certificazione
Tech support - Supporto tecnico
The dyeing process of yarn hanks is mainly indicated for knitting production and for other dyeing processes. The 'Wrap reel Branca 09A' allows to operate in two different ways:
  • DYEING PROCESS: suitable for the automatic preparation of a maximum of 20 yarn hanks from one package, each of the same measure length; this method is useful for the hanks dyeing processes;

  • YARN COUNT: the operator can use alternatively the traditional method for yarn hanks preparation from independent bobbins for subsequent yarn count determination with the precision electronic scales

The wrap reel 09A is equipped together with:
  • Brushless motor, ultra-silent and electronically commanded for a gradual start and automatic stop at the end of the wrapping;
  • Electronic counters for automatic count-down of turns no. set by the operator and external button management to define the test procedure;
  • Radius retractable for an easy extraction of the yarn hanks wrapped and device for adjusting the pretension applied.

FYI: Yarn bobbins support available with models A, B, C, D and tension meter 0..400cN.

Reel circumference:1 meter, 1 yard, 1,5 yard
End no.:max 20 (depth 330 mm.)
Revolution speed:fixed at 150 rpm, variable up to 280 rpm
Power supply:110/230 VAC - 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 780 x 600 x 560 mm.

FYI: Special types with variable speed drive for variable speed from 0 to 200 rpm. A request reel depth of 550 mm.

The Dyeing fractioned wrap reel 09S is used in:
  • Chemical laboratories;
  • Dyeing laboratories;
  • Dyeing baths;
  • Spinning labs;
  • Knitting, shirt and clothing preparation;
  • Yarn color sampling;

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