Humidity control rooms Branca Idelair

Branca Idealair produces air treatment plants ideal for maturation of construction materials, cabins for material testing and laboratory test environment in saturation and high humidity conditions

Saturated cell rooms and cabinets bring the environment into high humidity conditions ideal for the maturing and damp heat testing of materials for subsequent laboratory tests, for example the preparation of cardboard packaging for compression resistance tests using a press or example in the production field for the vaporization of precious wood essences (briar or other essences) for the opening of the pores before the application of paints or solvents.

The design is custom and the choice of materials for the construction is foreseen for such applications considering the thickness of the walls and an excellent insulation performed in every point of the inner compartment, it serves to bring the environments to high values ​​of humidity controlled from 90% up to 99.5% and temperatures from 20 C to 80 C.

Here are some of the solutions for high humidity treatment proposed by Branca Idealair:

  • Adiabatic saturation element (ESA) is a treatment unit capable of reaching and maintaining constant saturation conditions at 20 C with RH (%) ranging from 90% to 99.8% without any risk of wetting the samples thanks to the ceiling with heated ceiling; more applications can be found in mechanical resistance methods and tests for mortar and cement samples according to the UNI EN 169/1 standard and for press tests on cardboard packaging, complete and full transport packaging and unit loads with Conditioning for tests according to the UNI EN ISO 2233: 2001 standard-
  • The vaporization chamber is able to reach saturation humidity values, over 99.5% of U.R., and with temperature settings starting from 20 C to 70 C and with configurable temperature profile.
  • Finally, the line of BOX SAT saturation cabinets in the composition with shelves or thermostatic tanks for the maturing and curing of molds and concrete specimens at 20 0.5 C and ≥95% BOX SAT RIP Box sat VAS
Adiabatic saturation unit

Adiabatic saturation unit: UNI EN 169/1 - UNI EN ISO 2233:2001


BOX SAT VAS: General Characteristics and Specifications


Box SAT RIP: General description and technical data

Steaming Oven

Vapourization with adiabatic saturation without any dew falling on sample materials

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