Adiabatic saturation systems

Branca Idealair realizes adiabatic saturation systems to simulate the maturing of cement and concrete blocks, insulated cabins for material testing and other environmental tests

Saturation insulated cabins allow to get easier high-humidity conditions commonly used to simulate the maturing of construction materials such as cement blocks, to perform DHT (Damp Heat Test) on products for processing analyses and preparation of samples for laboratory tests e.g. tests on cardboard packaging for compression and stacking tests.

A special application of Branca Steaming Oven has been applied in the Automotive Industry processing to improve quality of luxury woods: this is a special treatment in processing, where the material are subjected to, before applying protective solvents to the briar parts of interior car design.

The design is custom and the choice of materials for the construction is foreseen for such applications considering the thickness of the walls and an excellent insulation performed in every point of the inner compartment, it serves to bring the environments to high values ​​of humidity controlled from 90% up to 99.5% and temperatures from 20 C to 80 C.

Here below are presente our solutions for high-humidity systems control offered by Branca Idealair:

  • Adiabatic saturation chamber is a humidity control unit capable of reaching and maintaining constant high percentages of relative humidity with steady temperature at 20C.
    Its insulated chamber is design to avoid any risks of wetting samples due to water drops from the ceiling thanks to the arrangement of a suitable preheated bulkhead.
    Other applications can be described in physical resistance to compression and stacking test methods, maturing of cement block samples according to the UNI EN 196/1 and for compression and stacking testing on paperboard and cardboard packaging according to the Standard UNI EN ISO 2233:2001.
  • steaming-oven

  • The STEAMING OVEN is a vapour saturation cabin with a big internal volume able to reach rapidly desired humidity values over 99,5% and with temperature settings starting from external temperatura up to 70 C and easily programmable in thermal trend profiles.

  • cement-blocks-curing-process
  • A series of BOX SAT CABINET are flexible solutions in their available configurations with choosable number of shelves or tanks to position cement blocks for air or water curing process according to the Standard EN 196/1 at the following conditions:
    Temperatura: (20 0,5)C
    Relative humidity: ≥95%


BOX SAT VAS: General Characteristics and Specifications


Box SAT RIP: General description and technical data

Adiabatic saturation unit

Adiabatic saturation unit: UNI EN 169/1 - UNI EN ISO 2233:2001

Steaming Oven

Vapourization with adiabatic saturation without any dew falling on sample materials

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