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Laboratories for fine powders

Laboratories for fine powders

According to the reference norm on the Air quality in Italy the analyses of the several events have a great importance for the control of Air pollution. According to the European norm it has been joined from European Union that all EU Members States have to follow the following standard:

According to the reference standard EN12341, UNI EN 12341, UNI EN 14907, UNICHIM 285 " AIR QUALITY - Determination of the PM10 fraction of suspended particulate matter Reference method and field test procedures to Demonstrate reference equivalence of measurement methods" indicates the method for the sampling and for the measurement of PM10 .

Before starting the sampling of PM10 the samples has to be pre-conditioned for 48h and for pre-sampling and for post-sampling time periods the reference thermo-hygrometric conditions has to be controlled as shown below:
Temperature:(20 1 )C
Relative humidity:(50 5) %;

S.T.A. Branca Idealair offers several solutions for the pre-conditioning of the samples within the sampling space ensuring a constant air flow with a air speed lower than 0.2 m/s suitably filtered to avoid any kind of alterations from outside and reducing a lot the vibration levels inside the sampling space.

The Climatic Unit is equipped with a Branca M&C system (Monitor&Control sys) for temperature and relative humidity records acquisition inside the sampling space and for a recording cycle of 48 hours according to the norm or next to the free configuration set by the operator; at the end of the recording the system print out a trend graphs report showing all cycles details.


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