Laboratories for Air Quality

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The gravimetric method analyses done on tracking filters with robotic system and precision mass measuring systems to determine the concentration of airborne particulates take place in special Testing Laboratories for Air Quality.

These fractioned air particles are collected from different Atmospheres as e.g. PM10 and PM2,5 must be carried out in a precision conditioned room and this is fundamental for the proper weighing procedure as requested by norms.

According to the Reference Standard EN 12341:2014, where it's prescribed the exact procedure of gravimetric analyses and how to measure the airborne particulate suspended in the air.

The Laboratories for Air Quality must be constantly controlled at the following parameters:

Temperature:20 1C
Relative humidity:50 5%

Samples must be conditioned for a minimum period of 48 hours and the control room must be conditioned for the whole duration and also during the mass weighing process of the filters.

Branca Idealair is the company specialized in Precision Air Conditioning of Air Quality Laboratories

The Company offers a wide range of solutions for the Air conditioning assuring a constant flow of air inlet at the lowest speed (< 0,15 m/s) and suitably filtered to avoid the presence of additional particles that can alterate the results of weighing by the precision scales.

As completion of Air conditioning system, Branca Idealair arranges in the supply special Dataloggers with probes measure accuracy of 0,2K that collects every second or minute thermo-hygrometric data during the whole conditioning and testing period and allows the lab operator to enclose a trend graph to analyses reports.

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