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Manual wrap reel 08

Manual wrap reel 08 for yarn skeins of desired length to evaluate the Metric or English count and for strength testing

UNI EN ISO 2060:97, ASTM D 1907-01, ASTM D2260, DIN 53830



08: 1 m - 5 posizioni / ends
08: 1 m - 10 posizioni / ends
08: 1 m - 12 posizioni / ends
08: 1 yard - 7 posizioni / ends
08: 1,5 yard - 7 posizioni / ends
08: Riparazione / Repair
08: Certificazione / Certification

Manual Wrap reel 08 allows to pack 5, 7, 10, 12 skeins of yarn with variable length wrapped simultaneously for their preparation to the subsequent linear density research in compliance with International Standards as e.g. UNI 2060:97 (by Skein Method) and ASTM D 1907-01 (Standard Test Method for Linear Density of Yarn (Yarn Number) by the Skein Method)

Manual Wrap reel 08 for yarn skeins holds up on a sturdy basement that assures the maximum stability during wrapping operations, and it is made of a painted stainless steel and chromed parts.
The reel can be of Metric type with a swift circumference of 1 meter length or in English type with a swift circumference of 1 or 1,5 Yard lenght referring to national and international Standards (UNI, ASTM, etc.).
The apparel is designed with a special traverse motion, duly designed to get a fine total lenght.
The traverse motion obtains a perfect and uniform yarn layer without doing any random overlaps during the wrapping operations and that can cause an increase of lenght error in total measurement uncertainty and linear density evaluations.


The wrap reel 08 for yarns includes:
  • Mechanical revolution counter (standard) or digital counter (on request);
  • Retractable reel mechanism for easy removal of wrapped skeins;
  • Pretension system: with disk tension devices, lever tension devices, post tension devices;
  • Warning bell, to alert the operator three turns before the end of the wrapping;

Quality certificate: ISO or ACCREDIA/UKAS/TUNAS/ENAC

The certification type for manual wrap reel 08 for yarns has to be specified on request with the issue of calibration and certification report in hard and electronic copy from the Accreditation Body.
The accreditation practice focuses on the reel swift circumference lenght measurements in order to check the exact lenght measured between the reel rods front/rear points with a Vernier caliper whose certification copy has to be enclosed to final documentation.
During the instrument calibration the number of revolution turns are checked parallely with a certified electronic speedometer.

FYI: supply of custom swift reel circumferences according to technical specifications given by the Customer;


Swift circumference:1 mt1,5 yds
Number of yarn ends:5 per Metric type7 for English type
Traverse motion: 25 mm/
Rpm counter:0 to 100 mt for Metric type0 to 120 yards for English type
Dimensions: 780 x 600 x 560 mm.
Net Weight: 28 Kg
  • Manual yarn reel 08 Branca Idealair
  • Wrap-reel-08-with-package-holder
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