Laboratories for inks, paper and textile printers

The new design of ink products in the field of paper and textile printing is in continuous evolution ...

The suppliers of inks products and printers need to achieve the highest levels in terms of quality, reliability and reproducibility of final printing effect.

In this regard it's necessary to be sure that the dry, normal and tropical micro climate could not create an obstacle to the printing effect given from such inks in the various geographical areas.

To satifisy a product quality proof, Branca Idealair has designed an innovative air treatment system able to simulate those climatic conditions inside insulated testing rooms that store inks or host paper or textile printers

Here below are listed settings for testing:

TESTT (°C)R.H. (%)

unità-climatica-Mini-Mod Mini-Mod-circuito-aeraulico

The climatic units are models Mini Mod and are able to reach those climatic atmospheres upper cited inside the environmentally controlled room.
Each air conditioning unit is arranged symmetrically at a certain distance from each other to ensure a perfect uniformity of climatic conditions at every point of the test area.

The monitor is centralized and the individual electric boards are external to the environmentally controlled room to prevent any possible damage to the electric or electronic components.

All commands to machines operation are sent/received through the MODBUS TCP/IP communication protocol (Standard IEC 61158), and include various functionalities, including stand-by function to the whole system when is not running reducing power consumption until 10% but keeping always units ready to start.


A Chiller designed for special applications is foreseen outdoors and have the function to treat the temperature of cooled-water supply to internal units.

The close control operation is managed through logic programmable units that allows to keep a constant control on the temperature of the dew point (°C) upstream the blower.

According to the traditional systems double humidification device is added to every Mini Mod unit to reach the most critical conditions about R.H. (%).

All the Branca Idealair branded systems are expected to collect / expel renewal air (primary air) mixed with secondary recirculating air to guarantee the right replacement for the operators according to UNI standards for work environments and special applications .

An air intake and exhaust unit with controlled inverter based on differential pressure management (ΔP) allows a constant and necessary change of air in any season and performance required in the presence of vapors excluding the risk of exhalation for the operator.

The newly developed Branca Idealair conditioning cells are ideal and perfectly functional for test rooms for inks and molding treatments on paper and textiles.