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The development of new products in the field of inks and printing on textile materials have led the suppliers of the products to achieve the highest goals in terms of quality assurance, reliability and reproducibility of the final final print result.

In this regard it is necessary to be certain that the dry, temperate and tropical climates can not create an obstacle to the supply of such inks in the various geographical areas.

To do this Branca Idealair has designed an innovative system for the conditioning of testing rooms for tests on inks that can simulate all climatic conditions of Dry hot, Dry cold, Standard, Wet hot and Wet cold.

ConditionTemperatureR.H. (%)
DRY HOT:15C20%
WET HOT:40C90%

The testing room conditioning units which provide this type of climatic atmosphere inside the conditioned environment are arranged symmetrically within the environment at a predefined distance such as to ensure uniformity of conditions at each point of the conditioning air volume.

Thanks to the concept of supervision and centralized control by touch screen panel, the individual machine panels are placed adjacent and outside the conditioned environment to prevent possible damage to the electric circuits and power due to the high humidity content in some test conditions.

All instructions for machine operation are transferred to the MODBUS TCP/IP, an IEC standard communication protocol, and include various commands and functions, including system standby that reduces consumption by 10% and the unit is in System ready to start mode.

Condensing units located outside the building have the function of regulating the temperature of the chilled water that passes inside the cooling circuits of each individual climate unit, intercepting the input through special electronic modulation valves managed by analog signals sent by the central monitor.

The fine control with programmable logic also allows to always determine the constant control on the temperature of the dew point entering the mouth of the fan.

Independent humidification circuits for each climatic unit but managed simultaneously with the same regulating output ensure optimal and rapid performance on the precision control of the R.H. (%).

All the Branca Idealair branded systems are expected to collect / expel renewal air (primary air) mixed with secondary recirculating air to guarantee the right replacement for the operators according to UNI standards for work environments and special applications .

An air intake and exhaust unit with controlled inverter based on differential pressure management (ΔP) allows a constant and necessary change of air in any season and performance required in the presence of vapors excluding the risk of exhalation for the operator.

The newly developed Branca Idealair conditioning cells are ideal and perfectly functional for test rooms for inks and molding treatments on paper and textiles.

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