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S.T.A. BRANCA IDEALAIR continues to move forward with the advent of the new 4th generation refrigerants in the field of refrigeration and therefore offers OEM chillers sized to support the heat load dissipated by the production of chilled water at constant temperature.


The new frontier of mid-size refrigeration that is driving companies to use chillers loaded with the new HFO1234ZE refrigerant is in full swing, and S.T.A. Branca Idealair is ready to provide the living proof.

​Branca Idealair today offers guaranteed and reliable solutions for an environmentally sustainable future of refrigeration in terms of performance and power dissipation for small industrial plants, starting from minimum heat loads of 3 KW up to 20 KW, covered by a hot environment and allowing a wide control of chilled water temperature.

Branca Idealair cooling units consist of a frame made of painted metal sheet, which rests on vibration-damping supports.
The internal walls of the cabinet are suitably insulated with thermoacoustic panels.

The ventilation for the control of the condensing pressure (bar) is self-regulated by the reading of the sensor and is able to manage a stable regulation in the different summer-winter seasonal periods through the use of GreenTech certified electronically controlled fans that reduce energy consumption.

The new R1234ZE refrigerants with GWP < 4 are the sustainable ECO answer for the future of small refrigeration, which will not be subject to a regulatory veto as a result of the FGas shutdown.

Fast connection via ETHERNET on board the machine for remote transmission of measured values and alarm diagnostics


The technological development of the hydronic modules Branca Idealair is followed by the system designers to the smallest detail to ensure the right balance between aesthetics and functionality.

The Branca Idealair chiller is an autonomous unit managed with a high-speed processing PLC and a latest generation touch screen mounted on latest climatic units.

In addition to the control panel on board the machine, the Branca Idealair chiller can be remotely controlled through any PC or server station connected to a company network that can be connected to the add-on software HYDRONIC 4.0, an application developed by S.T.A. Branca Idealair with a web server module for complete monitoring through any browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc., to ensure the correct management of the chiller, the verification of the alarm status and the continuous evolution of temperatures, apart from the integrated data acquisition functions.

Through the communication ETHERNET is also available the option REMOTE CONTROL, a remote technical support that allows our technicians to monitor in real time the operating status of the hydronic unit, which in the event of a partial malfunction allows the elimination of possible failures or machine breakdowns by applying measures to maintain the operation and the organization of technical interventions in a short time by our qualified personnel, when remote repair is not possible.

CORVINA CLOUD offers our customers a safe and immediate support.

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