Branca Idealair realizes climatic units for the precision air conditioning of laboratories accreditated ISO/IEC 17025

Quality and Sustainability since 1932


The climatic units are able to obtain and maintain constant thermo-hygrometric conditions inside laboratories for Textile, Paper and Paperboard, Cements, Glues and Adhesives, for Air quality and fine powders analyses

BRANCA IDEALAIR is the leader company in realization of metrological rooms

including laboratories for dimensional and three-dimensional metrology with coordinate measuring machines

Branca Idealair manufactures and sells textile testing equipments for Fabrics, Yarns and Fibers.

The production is carried out by qualified technical personnel in mechanical, hydraulic, refrigeration, electric areas and software engineering that improves new systems with new technologies currently provided on national and international trades.

Every single frame, either big or small, is designed to fit according to the Requirements and set up according to laboratory project specifications and Standards.

Customer requirements come first and they must be covered to satisfy all demands highlighting always Quality as indicated in our policy.

  • fiber-laboratory-ica-bremen
  • maser-clock-room-galileo
  • textile-laboratory-maroc
  • laboratory-for-metrology-rovereto-italy
  • yarn-testing-laboratory-pirelli
  • textile-laboratory-mesdan-italy
  • mapei-laboratory-of-dubai
  • metrological-room-mitutoyo-italianalaboratorio-metrologico-mitutoyo-italy
  • metrological-room-frascold-italy
  • dea-metrological-room-isotta-fraschini
  • magneti-marelli-metrological-room

The concept of innovation and sustainability in our sector is basically incremental and represents the fruit of in-depth synergy with our Customers.

In order to improve the know-how and to keep ourselves updated with the last technologies, Branca Idealair cooperates with suppliers, research Institutions and universities all over the world to consider and research the best future solutions developing prototypes and special applications.


A wide range of precision air conditioning units by Branca Idealair, known as climatic units, allow to lead the customer and the project managers to choose the suitable unit model able to guarantee the maximum efficiency, reliability and continuity of operation 24/24 h all over the year.

The climate control inside laboratories is focused especially on temperature (C/F) and on relative humidity (%) guaranteed by us thanks to the advanced programmable logic implemented by Branca Idealair for climatic units that assure uniform conditions in every point of the laboratory.

The climatic units Branca Idealair offer the best performances on climatic close control also with critical outdoor conditions or with high indoor thermal loads (KW) keeping room conditions within the tolerance limits.

Advanced solutions also for the fine control on relative humidity (%); today the climatic units Branca Idealair are able to reach and maintatin humidity control under 2%.

Implemented technology with DIGITAL SCROLL compressors allows our climatic unit to do high performances considering also energy saving and economic solutions translated in a favorable synonym of efficiency, reliability and accuracy.

A company showroom installed by Branca Idealair technical team realized both as a presentation for Customers and technical area for technical staff allows to have a clear idea of what the Climatic Units are able to offer.

  • Temperature: (18 25) 0,5C;
  • Relative humidity: (45 70) 2%

Our technical team is the heart of the company and it is composed of a qualified specialists followed directly by support office that plans all servicing activities at the customers sites.

Branca Idealair technician is well-experienced in climatic units and HVAC systems and is certified with patent for refrigeration applications as requested by the rules.

S.T.A. BRANCA IDEALAIR is certified ICIM ISO 9001:2015 as Quality Management System for servicing activities and associated italian member of ASSOFRIGORISTI (National Association Refrigeration ITALY).


ISO 9001:2015

Certificate ICIM nr 0588/6
Certificate ICIM nr 0588/6

Quality system certificate in compliance with Standard ISO 9001/2015 about maintenance of air-conditioning systems EA/28

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