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Quality and Sustainable solutions for laboratories since 1932

Branca Idealair designs and builds laboratories and environmentally controlled rooms installing high-performance climatic units ideal for Laboratory air conditioning and metrological room


Branca climatic units are special AC units to manage precision air conditioning with high performance in terms of temperature and humidity control with intrinsic operating functions aimed at managing the comfort and microclimate of the laboratories where are performed physical-mechanical and chemical tests, quality control, testings, calibration of technical instrumentation, merceology and certification of products and quality control in various applications as Textile testing, Paper and Cardboard testing, Cements, concrete, mortar, glues and adhesives products R&D maturation and testing, for Air Quality data analyses on PM10 or PM2,5

Our technical staff carries out the production activities within the plumbing, electrical and refrigeration departments with which the technical plant design office, the software/CAD development office and the quality manager who carefully monitors the flows in the production areas.

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Considerable installations in the world of METROLOGY

The supply of Branca Idealair Climatic units ranges from laboratories of thermometry, dimensional metrology, Electrical metrology, metrology of masses and volumes, three-dimensional metrology, controlled temperature box for the calibration of flat-parallel blocks up to the creation of complex metrological rooms designed to coordinate measuring machines (cmm).

In the design of the laboratory, Branca Idealair relies on selected professional third-party partners in the sector, directing the complete development activities of metrological rooms from A to Z.

Branca Idealair invests a significant percentage of its annual turnover in RESEARCH and TRAINING

Technological innovation, system reliability and sustainability go hand in hand, representing a must for the Branca Idealair technical assistance studio.

New plant solutions take shape by cooperating with the various suppliers by defining the choice of the best components on the market together with specialists and qualified contacts in the sector and to be compliant with current regulations and with universities involved in prototyping and technological innovation.

Branca Idealair manufactures and supplies Textile testing instruments for fabrics, yarns and fibers.

Internal company production is carried out by qualified personnel skilled in technical tasks such as hydraulic, refrigeration, electrical and software programming applications for climatic units and textile testing instruments.

Branca Idealair improves climatic units and textile testing instruments implementing last new technologies on their systems currently supplied to national and international factories.

Each single frame, either big or small, is designed to fit the specification to be compliance to laboratory expectations requested by the Customer and according to reference national and international Standard.

In terms of precision air conditioning and laboratory applications, a concept of innovation and sustainability in our application field is basically incremental and represents the fruit of an in-depth synergy with our customers.

To be able to improve know-how and to be updated with last new technologies, Branca Idealair cooperates with research centres, universities, professionals worldwide to study and to introduce new advanced solutions compatible for our textile testing instruments and precision air conditioning systems.


A wide range of air conditioning units manufactured by Branca Idealair, known also as IdealAir Climatic units, allow to help customers and project management staff to choose the most suitable model able to guarantee maximum efficiency, reliability and continuous performances 24 hours/day all over the year.

Climatic units control inside testing laboratories is focusing interest on temperature and relative humidity, thus the standard atmosphere, guaranteed from Climatic units to ensure uniform conditions in every point of laboratory.

Branca Idealair offers a wide range of climatic units for precision air conditioning which guide the customer towards satisfying their requirements according to an agreed and well-defined Laboratory Project to obtain guarantees and reliability on performance 24/24 hours a day, 365 days a day. year.

Branca climatic units give the best performances of close control on temperature and r.H.% also with most critical seasonal conditions or in presence of high thermal loads keeping steadily room tolerance limits under control.

The close control on the first level temperature improves high accuracy on r.H.% control.
Today hundreds of installation and customer references of Branca climatic units around the world are able to reach and maintain constant relative humidity within a close tolerance limit below 1%.

Implemented technologies on climatic units such as Digital Scroll compressors for direct expansion units and semi-hermetic screw compressor for cooling CW circuits with a special energy saving post-heating device improve units performances to enhance and to reduce economic expenses up to 42% instead of previous models and all translated in a favorable factor for sustainability, reliability and reproducibility.

refrigerant-r1234zeThe GWP (Global Warming Protection) parameter of the R1234ZE refrigerant gas is less than 10 , complies with the requirements for the use of refrigerants after 2030 for the protection of the environment

Branca Idealair has developed models of cooled water units CW combined with outdoor hydronic modules which manage directly the production of chilled water in a safe, autonomous and highly performing way.

Our internal laboratory is conditioned through a Branca climatic unit and it can be extermely useful to customers to understand the operation principle of precision air conditioning.

Temperature: (18 27) 0,5C;
Relative humidity: (45 65) 2%

Our technical team is the heart of the company and it is composed of a qualified professionals and engineers followed directly by front desk office that plans all technical activities at customers sites.

Branca Idealair technician is well-experienced in climatic units and HVAC systems and is certified with patent for refrigeration applications as requested by the rules.

Branca Idealair is company qualified ISO 9001:2015 as QMS for servicing activities and represents associated italian member of ASSOFRIGORISTI (National Association for refrigeration men in ITALY).

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Spare parts for CLIMATIC UNITS

ISO 9001:2015

Certificate ICIM nr 0588/8
Certificate ICIM nr 0588/8

Quality system certificate in compliance with Standard ISO 9001/2015 about maintenance of air-conditioning systems EA/28

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