Precision air conditioning BRANCA IDEALAIR

Branca Idealair develops and manufactures precision air conditioning units for TESTING LABORATORIES

Known as Branca climatic units, the precision air conditioners allow the laboratories to reach and maintain constantly the Standard Atmosphere about thermo-hygrometric conditions according to national and international Standard e.g. ISO 139/187, BS EN 20139/20187, DIN 50015, ERT 60-1, ASTM D1776, M&S PGA, EDANA, BISFA Standards, OIML etc.

Approaching to every single project developing technical procedures and installation drawings of the realization of each laboratory, Branca Idealair starts always thinking about the concept of proper walls and ceiling insulation.

The perspective of a conditioned laboratory achieves an fundamental advantage, when, in terms of quality, are improved the constructive features as e.g. the construction materials used, thermal sealants, steam resistance, thermal transmittance and many other factors that ensure temperature and R.H. control, thus stabilizing them within very close tolerances.


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Up today and after years of experience in laboratories supplies, Branca Idealair can be considered company specialized in projectation and realization of testing laboratories and CMM testing rooms for Dimensional Metrology.


For dimensional measurements the Temperature is a fundamental keyword as reported by the International Standard ISO 1 which sets up at 20C the Reference Temperature for geometrical parts.


An unstable temperature far from reference temperature leads the operator to the need to apply offset to the results of measurements contributing then to an unpleasant increase of measurement uncertainty. Then it has to be established consequently acceptable limits for temperature variations as a function control for laboratory tests, in order to determine how temperature can have variations from 20C during test performances without penalizing excessively the results in terms of uncertainty.

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Branca Idealair supplies Precision air-conditioning solutions offering Climatic units suitable for every sort of laboratories with different air volumes and able to guarantee to the Customer the achievement of Quality Accreditation released by Standard Organisations across an sustainable and fully-functional air conditioning system; just click here below:



Customers by Branca Idealair are ready now to enjoy the last new technologies applied on Climatic units:
  • Branca Climatic units are combined together with hydronic modules charged with refrigerants R1234ZE and cooled water pumps selected according to the installation project;
  • High level performances in close-control modulation optimized on thermo-hygrometric variables expecially improved on R.H. control (%) thanks to the introduction of 1 level temperature as first stage of the close-control;
  • User friendly interface with 7" HMI Touch Screen allows the users to monitor digital reading of climatic values on real time and of those settings able to guarantee the precise control of thermo-hydrometric conditions entering easily in the P.I.D. programming areas and thresholds settings as digital and analog outputs;
  • Integrated trend graphs monitor collecting data on a memory SD-HC 64GB card included the (.CSV) file export function to the PC or SERVER folders;
  • Weekly ECO-programmer to set the unit operation in NORMAL or ECO mode e.g. in the week-ends and night hours;
  • Available auxiliary I/O for signals coming or sent from/to other surveys (switching On/Off by remote, Setpoint changes, etc.)

Branca Climatic units are compatible with standard communication protocols for building automation: climatico-controllo-remoto
  • MODBUS TCP-IP protocols in compliance with IEC 60870;
  • MODBUS RTU for serial communication protocols;
  • CORVINA CLOUD, only for technical support by remote;
  • opc-ua-comunicazione

According to specifications, Branca Climatic unit complies with INDUSTRY4.0

According to technical features upper cited. the Climatic Unit is compliance to INDUSTRY 4.0

standard-atmosphere-controllers standard-atmosphere-hmi

Preparation of fabrics, yarns, fiber samples for textile testing laboratories


Samples conditioning cabin: internal air volumes of 5 10 m3

MINI Climatic unit

Lab air volume: (10 25) m3

Climatic unit type 0
Type [0]

Air volume (20 50) m3

Climatic unit type 1
EC Type [1]

Laboratory air volume: (50 100) m3

Climatic unit Type 2
Type [2]

Air volume (100 200) m3

Climatic unit type 2S

Air volume (200 300) m3

Climatic unit Type 3

Air volume (300 500) m3

Climatic unit Type 4

Air volume: (500 800) m3

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