Laboratories for cements, adhesives and glues

  • Mapei-Colombia-QC-laboratory
  • MAPEI-Brampton-QC-laboratory
  • MAPEI-Australia-QC-laboratory
  • Mapei-UK-QC-Laboratory
  • MAPEI-Norway-QC-laboratory
  • MAPEI-France-QC-laboratory
  • IBS-MAPEI-Dubai-QC-Laboratory
  • CER.COL-QC-Laboratory
  • Box-Sat-Solutions
  • MAPEI-Hellas-QC-laboratory
  • MAPEI-Hungary-QC-Laboratory
laboratories-for-cements In concrete QC Laboratories are carried out testings and validation checks to determine the physical properties, resistance, density and other features of cement materials needed to comply with QC conformity applying properly all Standard requirements. Laboratory tests must be done in controlled room where Temperature (C) and Relative humidity (%) are kept under constant regulation according to the Standards.

The norm UNI EN 12390-2, which describes the method of preparation, ripening and preservation of test specimens of hardened concrete blocks, provides that test samples, once removed from the molds, should be stored, up to the test, in water tanks at a reference Temperature of (20 2) C and with Relative humidity greater than or equal to 95%.

Similarly to the UNI EN 196-1, which describes the determination of resistance effect to compression and bending of mortar, prescribes that the specimens that have to be tested should be prepared in a laboratory at a reference Temperature of (20 2) C and with a Relative Humidity not less than 50%; the same norm provides that specimens in the mold must be stored for almost 24 hours in a conditioned room or in a wide cabinet maintained at a constant Temperature of (20 1) C and Relative humidity not less than 90 %. The water temperature in the storage chambers must be maintained constant at (20 1)C.
The temperature of storage containers should be recorded at least once per day with a datalogger or other log systems.

Temperature (C) and Relative Humidity (%) inside conditioned spaces should be recorded at least every 4 hours per day. data-acquisition-period

Branca Idealair is able to provide precision air conditioning systems to meet all Requisites for Cements, concrete, Glues and Adhesives testing, and in particular for the realization of laboratories and lab solutions.

View the unit model that fit your Laboratory air volume (m3):


TYPE MINI: 9 25 m3
TYPE 0: 20 50 m3
TYPE 1: 50 100 m3
TYPE 2: 100 200 m3
TYPE 2S: 200 300 m3
TYPE 3: 300 500 m3
TYPE 4: 500 800 m3


TYPE MIN: 20 100 m3
TYPE MED: 100 300 m3
TYPE MAC: 300 800 m3

  • A) BOX SAT - RIP, equipped with internal shelves, chassis structure without insulation and suitable for conditioned laboratories;

    branca box sat rip cabinet
  • B) BOX SAT - RIP ISO, equipped with shelves, insulated chassis structure and suitable also for no conditioned laboratories;

    branca insulated box sat rip cabinet

  • C) BOX SAT - VAS, fully-fitted with special water tanks for concrete blocks, chassis structure without insulation and suitable for conditioned laboratories;

    branca box sat vas cabinet

  • D) BOX SAT - VAS ISO, fully-fitted with water tanks for concrete blocks, insulated chassis structure and suitable for standard no conditioned laboratories;

    branca box sat vas iso

  • E) ADIABATIC SATURATION UNIT, a saturation room, equipped with a special unit able to generate high humidity conditions next to saturation inside a conditioned volume (up to 99,5% of Relative humidity);

    branca adiabatic saturation unit

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