Testing instruments for Textile Quality

Founded in Milan in 1925 and today headquartered in MERCALLO (VARESE)

The company Branca Idealair manufactures and supplies precision air conditioning systems known as Climatic units Idealair designed for textile, for metrology and cmm conditioning, for paper and cardboard, for cements, glues and adhesives and for fine powders PM10/P2,5 and offers Textile testing instruments for the analyses on fabrics, yarns and fibers in accordance to national and international Standard as ISO, EN, UNI, BS, NF, IWS, SN, AATCC, ASTM GB, JIS, ITWO, etc..


Every single frame is realized by our qualified personnel through assembling and testing activities carried out by qualified personnel composed of technicians specialized in electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and software programming studying and adopting every day new technologies and enhanced solutions.

Our technical office builded a local laboratory designed with a precision air conditioning to control at constant climatic parameters in compliance to the standard suitable to do the tests, checks, calibration and researches aimed to a continuous improvement and future developments.

In 1925, the company founder Eng. Alberto Branca studied and starts the production of the first model in Italy of drying oven for textile fibers, which figures out today as the symbol of the firm Branca Idealair; the Regain Tester 70S helps the textile companies to obtain more defined results on the analyses of textiles as wool, cotton, silk and many other textile materials.


Branca Idealair invests efforts on new technologies and on building up new design for all realizations to satisfy all requirements by the Customer offering the highest level of quality on products and a qualified technical support.