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Analysis on fabrics: Testing instruments

Circular sample cutter 16

Preparation of circular samples of fabric, paper, plastic or other fabrics with an exact area of ​​100 cm2

Water proof 35
Water proof 35

For the analysis on low water proof fabrics

Water proof 35S
Water proof 35S

hydrostatic pressure test on water resistant fabrics as technical textiles, sportswear, gore-tex, outdoor fabrics, tents, elastane, bonded and coated fabrics, military fabrics, hi-technology membrane, coatings, automotive, etc

Air proof 37SI
Air proof 37SI

Air proof tests on materials in Textile, Precision Acoustics, Building tents and other applications

Air permeability tester 37S
Air permeability 37S

Compatible to test fabrics, garments, downproof fabrics, nonwovens, filters, felts, paper, airbag, coated, fiberglass, leather, parachutes, etc.

Air permeability tester 37SC
Air permeability 37SC

UNI EN ISO 9237, EN ISO 9073 - 15, ISO 48, ISO 139, ISO 10012-1, ASTM D-737, JIS L 1096 A, DIN 53887, EDANA 140.1, GOST 12088 - 77, ASTM D-3574, TAPPI T-251

Spray test 36
Spray test 36

Determination of resistance to surface wetting with spray test

Wash-meter 38

Determination of colour fastness of fabrics and other materials after washing loop cycles

Abrasion Tester 66

Abrasion and pilling performances on fabrics, sponges and porous materials or sample with loss of materials

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