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Policy of quality by Branca Idealair is to assure with continuity, reliability and conformity the required Standard Atmosphere managed by our climatic units inside laboratories

Policy of Quality by Branca Idealair


Mercallo, 18 December 2017


The main objective of S.T.A. BRANCA IDEALAIR s.a.s. is to ensure, with continuity, reliability and conformity, the standard atmosphere of the climatic units of which regular maintenance is carried out.

The maintenance activity involves the active and cooperative participation of all employees who perform and verify actions that have an impact on the quality of the proposed service, both at the customer and at the company itself.

The application of quality methods is an indispensable condition for the activity of users, whose aim is to determine correct and valid measures at national and international level, also with the help of the stable parameters of a standard atmosphere.

From the beginning, the company's policy has been to prepare, develop and consolidate a specific activity, with personnel recruited, trained and employed exclusively for this task, taking care of all the planning, logistical and commercial aspects carried out on site at the customer's premises.

The need to express, within the limits of our possibilities, in a substantive system of personnel and resources, without ever stopping at an achieved goal, but rather to stimulate from it to further improvements of the system, convinces us of the need to make it institutional and official with the publication of the manual and the commitment to maintain and / or improve the recognition and appreciation of our efforts by customers.

However, the analysis of the results obtained prevents us, in honest knowledge of our human, technical and organizational means, to consider our goal achieved, even with the recognition of a quality management system certified according to the standards UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015

However, we believe that with due diligence, we can better guarantee our customers the trust that has been placed in us so far.

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