Technical support

Since years, Branca Idealair follows servicing, check up, remote control and other technical activities for Climatic Elements Branca Idealair; the mission of our company is based on Quality Guarantee across a constant, efficient and reliable control of the Climatic Elements in order to assure always the standard atmosphere inside the laboratories.

Our technical team proceeds as follows:

  • 1. C.I.C. - MAINTENANCE "CYCLE", or preventive servicing, is applied in those cases where it's possible to identify the frequency of failures or items that, regardless of their operations, require a periodical action established by the contract requirements of customer policy;

  • 2. O.N.C. - MAINTENANCE "ON CONDITION", or periodic servicing, consists in carrying out visual or mechanical inspections through the mapping of laboratories, evaluating the uniformity of thermo-hygrometric variables and modifying specific parameters or technical upgrades of the systems during their standard operation after the inspections performed by the technician;

  • 3. C.O.R. - MAINTENANCE "FAILURE" , or corrective servicing, which is only applies to those components whose frequency of failure can't be predicted, but only detected and solved by the inspection of technician including its direct parts substitution;


The servicing plan involves the active collaboration of all our technical team, who performs maintenance activities keeping in touch with the customer and taking special care of its work. The new applications of Quality Management System (QMS) are related to the requirements of all users, whose goal is to follow the correct and valid measures and solutions.

Since of its start, the S.T.A. Branca Idealair policy about servicing is exclusively concentrated on preparing, developing and consolidating a specific activity with trained employed staff for this specific task embracing all planned, logistical and commercial aspects.

STA BRANCA IDEALAIR is certified ICIM ISO 9001:2015 for servicing activities on air conditioning systems and is an associated member of ASSOFRIGORISTI Italian refrigeration men association.


Since 2011, the company develops an innovative service of Remote tele-assistance called MONITOR & CONTROL based on checks of Climatic unit from customers local PC.

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