CLIMA LAB MENU: HFC climatic units

Make a selection between the Direct Expansion units HFC according to the indoor air volume to be conditioned:

Branca-climatic-unit-type-mini Branca-climatic-unit-type-0 Branca-climatic-unit-type-1 Branca-climatic-unit-type-2 Branca-climatic-unit-type-2S Branca-climatic-unit-type-3 Branca-climatic-unit-type-4

HFC DX units are precision air conditioning system designed for merceological laboratories for testing, calibration and certification to be accreditated ISO/IEC 17025 and allows to obtain highest performances on close-control of temperature and relative humidity according to the reference national and international Standard as UNI, EN, ISO, ASTM, AATCC, BS, M&S, SCAN, BISFA, TAPPI, others..

All HFC climatic units are charged with pure or mix refrigerants as R134A, R410A, R407C, etc..

Combined together with air condensing units with single or double fan or cooled by water heat exchanger according to the specification and request by the user.

Our company developed custom solutions according to the laboratory project specification. We invite to fill in the questionnaire for the "LABORATORY PROJECT DEVELOPMENT" in order to submit all information to our technical office and to get our proposal.

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