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Spare parts - Climatic unit


S.T.A. Branca Idealair is glad to introduce the new web area for "INFO REQUEST" of spare parts.

Inside this web area select the requested compoents of reference circuit for the Climatic unit submitting automatically the info request to our technical front desk.

In this form choose the component type searching it in the circuit categories:

  • Refrigerating circuit
  • Electric circuit
  • Filtration
  • Water circuit

To complete information kindly note the Unit Serial no. and your company details in order to offer the exact componet model as per original one or compatible one. If it is available please enlcose a picture of the component directly on the following form.

Once received your INFO REQUEST you will have a response within 24 hours from our Technical Office

Phone now our TECHNICAL OFFICE or Send an e-mail;
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Click on the area of interest

Refrigerant circuit

Thermal valve
Insert comments:
Electronic valve
Put comments:
Thermostatic valve
Specify ID:
Pressostatic valve
Specify ID:
Solenoid valve
Specify ID:
Pressure switch
Specify ID:
Digital pressure switch
Specify ID:
Specify ID:
Compressor panel heaters
PT100 probe
Specify ID:
Drier filter
Specify ID:
Specify ID:

Electric circuit

Specify ID:
Warning lamp front panel
Specify No.:
Transformer 111A (24VAC/230VAC)
Electrical feeder 230VAC/24VDC
Mechanical relay 183
Static relay 116
Specify ID:
Static relay 116 (SSC) es. 116HE, 116HU
Specify ID:
Air heaters
Humidification heaters
Power contactor
Specify ID:
PLC expansion module
Phases sequence failure relay
Thermo-hygrometric probe
Specify ID:


Renewal fresh air filter
Duct recirculation air filter
Front panel suction filter
Active carbon filter
soundproofing front panel
HEPA Filter cell (inside climatic unit plenum)

Water circuit

Osmosis cartridge
Water active carbons filter
Mechanical filter
Pump motor
Pressure switch
Specify ID:
Water float
Specify ID:

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