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Tension meter

For the determination of pretension applied during yarns wrapping operations for yarn count

UNI EN ISO 2060 / ASTM D 1907-01 / UNI 9275 / ASTM D2260 / DIN 53830 / ASTM D1423 / ASTM D1422



0,1 .. 50 cN
0,1 .. 100 cN
0,1 .. 200 cN
0,1 .. 400 cN

The series of electronic yarn tension meter - Branca Idealair allows to determine exactly the pre-tension applied to a yarn sample winded up across the wrap reels for yarns and to obtain the final yarn count with the precision electronic scales or yarn count calculators.

The small screen of yarn tension meter permits the user to monitor easily and to check all operations in compliance with Standard UNI, ISO, ASTM, AATCC, etc.;

The electronic yarn tension meter collects the data on memory and it allows to download just connecting the device with a PC-software for statistics on request, generating trend graphs, and using other functions through USB slot.

The device is portable and hosts inside a lithium battery able to feed the instrument for 32 operational hours at least just with a single battery charge.

Each tension meter is properly tested, checked and supplied with the issue of calibration report showing at different pretension levels the comparative results compared to a certified tension meter.


Technical data:


Measure range
0 - 50cN
0 - 100cN 0 - 200cN 0 - 400cN
Monochromatic display (screen) LCD a 9.5 mm
  • electronic-tension-device
  • tension meter tensiometro 0-50cN up to 0-400cN
  • tension-meter-0.1cN - 200cN up to 1cN - 5000cN
  • tension-meter-up to 1000 N
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