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Wrap reel 09 for yarn skeins preparation

Wrap reel 09 for yarn skeins preparation in compliance with UNI EN ISO 2060, ASTM D 1907-01, UNI 9275, ASTM D2260, DIN 53830

For yarn skeins preparation



Ref: Yarn reel 09: 1 m - 5 ends
Ref: Yarn reel 09: 1 m - 10 ends
Ref: Yarn reel 09: 1 m - 12 ends
Ref: Yarn reel 09: 1 yard - 7 ends
Ref: Yarn reel 09:1,5 yard - 7 ends
Taratura strumento / Calibration
Certificazione strumento / Certification

Wrap reel 09 prepares yarn skeins of desired length to determine the yarn count and other laboratory tests on yarns

The wrap reel is suitable for Nm, Nec, Td, Nw and other International yarn counts according to Standard UNI, EN, ISO, ASTM, DIN, etc.

Wrap reel 09 is composed of solid basement with black feet and ultra-silent brushless motor commanded electronically to have a gradual start and a smooth deceleration with automatic end of the wrapping process.

Wrap reel models

The reel of the instrument is designed with a special retractable rod mechanism to help the easy removal of wrapped yarn skeins.

The pretension system is available in four types as shown in models A, B, C and D.
The pretension device helps the operator to defined the tension applied as yarn friction during the wrapping process.

Available models of electric wrap reel 09 are proposed for different uses and needs

as e.g. with reel swift circumferences of 1 meter length wrapping up to 10 yarn ends for standard wrap reel and up to 16 yarns to the extended version mainly employed to determine the metric number of yarns with skeins of 100 meters length in accordance to the Standard UNI EN ISO 2060:1997 and other related methods.

For natural cotton yarns the swift circumference of the wrap reel is 1 or 1,5 yards and usually equipped with 7 ends in the standard wrap reel model or up to 20 ends in the extended wrap reel version; for Cotton yarns the wrapped yarn skeins have generally a total length of 840 yards/each that define the official length for English cotton yarn count number number Nec.

The yarn ends are wrapped with a linear traverse motion to avoid any increase of thickness to the same place.
Thanks to the thread guides traverse motion mechanism that moves gradually leftwards and rightwards on reel bar the Wrap reel 09 enhances the lowest admittable error on total wrapped skein in respect of conventional models.


Wrap reel 09 motor speed is fixed at 150 rpm in compliance with Standard UNI EN ISO 2060:1997.
The wrap reel could be supplied with an easy operational potentiometer to change reel revolution speed.

On request the Electronic Tension meter (0..400 cN) helps the operator to set the exact yarn pretension to apply during wrapping cycles.

Protection plexiglas cover with power cut-off micro-switch and the red emergency button are mounted on board to assure a proper security for the instrument use.

On request the yarn wrap-reel 09 can be supplied as in the following previews shown below.

Together with yarn wrap-reel 09 Branca Idealair supplies precision electronic scales with reading resolution at 0,001 g for yarn count determination according to national and international Standards.

Technical data:


Swift circumference Metric reel: 1 meter
English reel: 1 or 1,5 yards
Number of yarns: Metric reel: 5 / 10 ends;
English reel: 7 / 12 ends;
Linear traverse width: 25 mm
Motor speed: 150 rpm
up to 250 rpm, with external potentiometer
Power supply: 230VAC/50HZ
Dimensions: 780 x 600 x 560 mm
Net weight: 45 kg

NB: Special wrap reel 09 with variable speed from 0 to 200 rpm.
Extended reel depth of 550 mm on request;

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