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Electric Twist-tester 17

For the determination of twistings for single and double yarns

ISO 2061 - ASTM D 1422 - ASTM D1423 - UNI EN ISO 2061 - IWTO 25-70/E - DIN 53832/1 - BS 2085



50 cm - 19.68 Inches
1 m - 39.37 Inches
2 m - 78.74 Inches
Calibrazione - Calibration
Ricambi - Spare parts

Electric twist tester Branca 17 allows to analyze the twists no. in S or Z direction of single, plied, multi-plied, Open End yarns in compliance reference ISO, UNI, ASTM, IWTO Standard

Twist directions in S or Z are selectable with toggle switch to analyze single, plied, multi-level, Open end yarns.

Autostop with proximity sensor to determine precisely the end of test in compliance with untwist-retwist test method ASTM 1423.

twist-direction-S twist-direction-Z

The reading of twists no. in S or Z directions through the mechanical counters helps the operator to have an instant evaluation of twists no. of the sample under examination.


Left side dial counter shows the thousands and hundreds of twists, while the right one the tenths and units of twists.

The control panel of the tester allows the user to switch twist direction in S or Z, to select the test method in Untwist-Retwist or Direct counting and to adjust motor speed with external potentiometer during the test running.

On the left side the elongation movable equipment it is included the elongation scale, equipped with index lancet, while the pretension weights can be loaded to the pretension tray according to the yarn count of the sample under examination.

The elongation scale shows clearly the behaviour of yarns during untwist and it can be analyzed the yarn maximum elongation thanks to its double measuring scale expressed in millimiters and inches.

elongation-movable-equipment sample-length-scale

This elongation movable equipment can be shifted transversally by the operator along instrument basement and fixed at the desired length expressed always in millimiters or inches e.g. 0 - 50 cm for the standard fixing the desired distance length between the two clamps.


  • Untwist-retwist according to UNI ASTM D 1423
  • Direct counting according to UNI EN ISO 2061, ASTM D 1423


  • Separation neddle, to separate the plied and multi-plied yarns during the untwist;
  • Magnifying glass, to check the yarn under examination during the untwist;
  • Standard sample length:
    • 0..50 cm
  • Extended model with sample lenghts:
    • 0..1 m
    • 0..2 m


Technical data:


Twists no. reading: 2 mechanical counters (indicators);
Pretension weights: up to 88 grams to add in accordance to the yarn count;
Motor rotation speed: 0..1000 rpm;
Power supply: 230VAC/50 Hz
110VAC/60 Hz;
Dimensions: 1380 x 260 x 280 mm
Net weight: 16 Kg

  • mechanical-counters

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