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Elastometer 09X

Preparation of elastic yarn skeins for yarn count, tensile strenght, elongation, LEA test, etc.




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Calibrazione - Calibration

Elastometer Branca 09X is designed to wrap elastic yarn skeins for subsequent research of yarn count and LEA test

This special wrap reel prepares skeins of elastic yarn at the preferred length for laboratory yarn testing as e.g. LEA test to determine the strength and elongation of skein elastic yarns.

Yarn revolutions are measured with a digital counter with a count range up 10.000 turns to be set for wrapping the desired length of elastic yarn skeins.

The motor speed can be adjust from 0 to 40 rpm with external potentiometer.

Emergency button is foreseen for safety rules and a Plexiglas cover keeps the operator safe from rotating clamp during the wrapping process.

Technical data:
Reel rotation speed: 0-40 rpm with potentiometer
Pretension weights set: 0,3 - 0,6 g
0,9 to 1,2 g
1,5 - 2 g
Power Supply: 230 VAC - 50/60 Hz
Net weight: 30 kg

It includes:
  • no. 3 wrapping cylinders to facilitate the suitable winding for the pretension;
  • Stronger support in obeche wood;
  • Endowment of n. 10 yarns positions on the reel;
  • Rubber yarns
  • Textured yarns, Spandex, elastomeric fibers
  • Medical sector production of bandages and elastic nets
  • Production and counting of stretch yarns
  • Underwear with lace and elastic ribbons
  • Sports socks clothing sector for men and children, external knitwear
  • Weaving of stretch fabrics for furniture, upholstery and cars
  • Footwear and footwear fabrics sector

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CONTC49LCRR - Contaimpulsi elettronico (EL) € 118,00 112,10
ALIMRS3524 - Alimentatore (EL) € 19,00 16,15
REGRS37 - Variatore di velocitÓ (RIC) € 26,00 24,70
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