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Count Calculator 10

For the determination of yarn count for yarns and grams/m2 of fabrics

ISO 3374, UNI EN 29073, UNI 8014/2- 3- 4, UNI EN BS ISO 2060, UNI 5114, BS 2471, ISO 3801, ASTM D-1907, ASTM D-2646, ASTM D-3776




Branca count calculator CC10 measures the count of all yarns and the mass per unit area of fabrics

The linear density is expressed in TEX

Other measure units of linear density are used in other textile applications that are always transformed mathematicallly to TEX; the output results of CC10 are expressed in Tex, dTex, but also in Metric number (Nm), in English number (Ne), in English Cotton number (Nec), and Deniers (Td), others.

The instrument display is a user-friendly touch screen connected to a precision scale with measure accuracy of 0,001 g.

Count calculator CC10 allows the operator to perform several analyses both on linear density according reference Standard UNI EN ISO 2060, but includes additional functions as the measuring of the mass per unit area (as e.g. g/m2) of fabrics combined with Circular sample cutter 16.


In texile laboratories, the count calculator CC10 is a reliable instrument that gives reproducible results thanks to the implemented function Quick Check that, if selected, allows to get immediately output results after the weighing and the results can be expressed in the selectable measure units selected by the operator.

The benefits of CC10 get the operator free of any actions giving the availability to carry out all operations from a all-in-one platform that could be easily connected to the PC. The application software CC104.0 is used to collect and to manage all data for statistical analyses, monitor of trend graph results and (.CSV) files export.

CC10 count calculator is available in the form of:

CC10 LAB model

Stand alone model combined together with precision electronic scales and external devices as optionals on request described below:

  • ASCII printer;
  • App Software CC10-4.0;


All-in-one model with special case with handle easy comfortable to be taken together for quality control in spinning mills and production areas; on request with following optionals:

  • ASCII printer;
  • Application software CC104.0;

application-software ascii-printer

Technical data:
  • Weighing ranges:
    • 0..410 +/- 0,001 g;
    • 0..610 +/- 0,001 g;

  • Test functions:
    • Yarn count measurements
      • 20 result on memory capacity;
      • Results expressed in Tex, dTex, Nm, Nec, Ne, Td etc..;
      • Statistical calculations: MAX, Min, AV%, St.DEV% and CV%;
    • Fabrics gsm
      • 20 results on memory capacity;
      • Statistical calculations: maximum, minimum, average, Standard deviation and Variation coefficient;

  • Communication ports:
    • 1 RS232C for scale communication
    • 1 USB for direct PC link or 1 Ethernet port for networking

  • Dimensions (LxWxH):170x190x110 mm;
  • Net mass: 8 Kg
  • Power supply: 230VAC/50HZ
  • CC10-count-calculator-front-view
  • Yarn count calculator CC10
  • ASCII printer for Yarn count calculator CC10
  • Branca-devices-for-yarn-count-analyses

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