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Manual Regain tester 70

For the determination of moisture content and moisture regain of textile fibers with oven-drying method

UNI EN ISO 2060, ISO 6741-1, ISO 6741-2, ISO 6741-4, ASTM D1576-01, ASTM D2495, UNI 9213-1, IWTO 33, IWTO34, UNI 9213-2, UNI 9213-3, UNI 1335, UNI 9213-4, UNI 9213-5, UNI 9213-6



Regain tester 70
Regain tester 70
Regain tester 70 + HMI touch
Manutenzione - Servicing
Stampante - ASCII printer
Software - Software for analyses

Regain tester 70 is the manual version of Branca rapid oven-drying testers for analyses of moisture content (MC%), regain (MR%) and commercial mass of textile fibers as wool, cotton, silk, discontinuous polyammide, polyester and other materials

The oven is exclusively designed for the analyses of WATER PRESENCE (%) IN FIBERS.

After the first weighings and measuring of the can tara (g) and of the wet mass (g) with exclusive precision scale supplied by Mettler Toledo, the selected subsamples are subjected to rapid drying cycles, where a flow of warm air crosses uniformely the fiber material by suction keeping it soft and without any physical alterations.

The warm air, duly filtered from an inlet filter, crosses a calculated air section and is temperature controlled from heaters activated by the PLC able to manage the fine close-control from 50C up to 140C 0,5 C.

In the initial steps the subsamples are prepared and later the use of Regain tester 70 is simple and user-friendly.

After the initial settings, the oven is configured by the operator and Regain tester 70 starts immediately drying processes increasing the temperature of testing chamber at the desired value. At the end of each cycle's countdown the operator hangs the chain of can under the scale hook to enable the weighing of dry mass of fiber material.

HMI Touch Screen with 5" is the user interface chosen for the team management and monitor through. 
All saved results are kept on memory or printed out from ASCII printer in a small paper format.

Regain tester 70 can be also connect to a PC through application software BRT4.0.
The software allows to achieve all weighings and times recorded on PLC memory and evaluation of statistics and trend graphs.
Most releavant is that the application software BRT4.0 that allows the operator to create a conditioning report with calculated results of moisture content, regain and commercial mass and correction to add or subtract in % to the gross weight in relation to the lot of material.

The power supply of the oven is 400 VAC/50 Hz (3PH + N + PE).
Any differences about voltages and nominal frequencies have to be communicated before its realization.



Power supply: 400 VAC/50 Hz + N+ PE
Temperature: 50-105 C (on request up to 140 C)
Temperature accuracy: 0,1 C
Weighing range: 0..6100 g
Scale reading accuracy: +/- 0,01 g
Basket diameter: 245 mm
Basket height: 310 mm; 190 mm;
Basket standard mass: 1600 g at least
Test time: < 5 minutes on fibers;
<10 minutes on yarn bobbins
Power 1 heaters group: 5 kW
Power 2 heaters group: 5 kW
Main blower power consumption: 0,7 kW
Maximum power installed: 11 kW (400 V)
External dimensions: (L x P x A): 1030 x 630 x 1930 mm
Net weight: 170 kg
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