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Water proof 35S

Determination of water limits of fabrics, technical textiles, outdoor, impermeable membrane, tents, elastane, bonded and coated fabrics, military fabrics, coatings, automotive, etc

UNI EN ISO 20811, UNI 4818, DIN 53886, AFNOR G-07 057, ISO 811, BS 32823, BE EN 3321, BE EN 3424, AATCC TM 127:08, NMX-A-014-1984, EN13859-1:2005, EN 1928:2000



Chiusura pneumatica - Pneumatic closure
Taratura - Calibration
Manutenzione - Servicing
Riparazione - Repair
Formula vecchio/nuovo - Old/New
Scala 0..20 m.H2O - Range 0..20 m.H2O
Scala 0..50 m.H2O - Range 0..50 m.H2O
BWP4.0 - Application software

Water Proof Branca 35S is the hydrostatic head tester

This testing instrument performs hydrostatic pressure tests on fabrics up to 50 meters of WaterColumn in compliance with Standard UNI EN ISO 20811

The maximum head pressure defines the waterproof limits of a water resistant fabric subjected to a constant increase of hydrostatic head pressure.

Test results are expressed in mm.H2O or cm.H2O and are determined only after the first three water drops appear on external surface of sample in compliance with Standard UNI, EN, ISO, ASTM, AATCC, etc..


The sample closing is designed to assure a perfect tightness to the sample reducing to the minimum the presence of water leaks beside the cover flanges.

Water Proof Branca 35S includes auxiliary test area reductions of 10, 26 and 28 cm2 (AFNOR Standards) to be placed on initial test area of 100 cm2.

It allows to reach the water proof limits of hydrostatic pressure up to 20 of WaterColumn as total measure range ideal for several test types and designed for water resistant fabrics as technical textiles or waterproof membranesetc..

The Hydrostatic pressure test with Water proof 35S can be performed on:
  • Technical textiles
  • Sportswear
  • Gore tex
  • Outdoor
  • Leather
  • Elastam
  • Tents
  • Bonded fabrics
  • Coated fabrics
  • Aerospace
  • Hi-tech membranes
  • Coatings
  • Automotive
  • Fabrics in general
  • Others

HMI Touch Screen 7" is a useful user interface for all endusers who has to manage the apparel during test performances also by remote control.

The easy user management of Water Proof 35S includes quick parameters settings, trend graph monitor view in real time and other operations and commands before, meanwhile and after all test performances.
The internal memory allows the operator to collect all data up to a maximum of 20 savings to enable statistical evaluations (min, Max, AV%, ST.Dev%, CV%, etc.) and trend graphs generation.

ACCREDIA Certificate of the Water Proof Branca 35S is issued on request by accreditated Institutes as ACCREDIA, ENAC, UKAS, TUNAS accreditated institutes or by company factory certificate.

Water proof Branca 35S is the hydrostatic head tester able to offer a selection of test procedures:

DINAMIC increase of hydrostatic pressure untill reaching the waterproof limits material (3 waterdrops test);
STATIC24/48 hours keeping hydrostatic pressure stable at a setpoint;
PROFILEhydrostatic pressure test trend with program settings set by the user;


ASCII printer BWP35S

1) Built-in ASCII Printer: the print out of tests listing report is issued by the ASCII printer.
On test reports input data are reported as indicated below:

  • Company;
  • Address;
  • Country;
  • Operator;
  • Material;
  • Sample Nr.;
  • Supplier;
  • Comments;
  • Test results;
  • User signature;


2) Software BWP STAT04 with runtime dongle key, allows to evaluate statistical calculations, trend graphs, real-time monitoring, logging functions managing parameters setting directly by remote; the application software adopts an add-ins application of Microsoft Office Excel and communicate with the apparel across USB or ETHERNET port onboard;

Technical data:


Measure range:0 1 m.H2O (0 100) cm.H2O;
0 10 m.H2O (0 1000) cm.H2O;
0 20 m.H2O (0 2000) cm.H2O;
0 50 m.H2O (0 5000) cm.H2O;
Hydrostatic pressure increase:0 50 cm.H2O/min 0 50 cm.H2O/min
Power supply: 230 VAC - 50/60 Hz
110 VAC - 60 Hz
Dimensions: 540 x 540 x 1700 mm
Net weight: 70 Kg

  • Determination of minimum pressure value that induces the passage of water in three points of sample surface as a result of water proof according to the reference norm;
  • Constant maintaining of a pressure value to the sample for a time up to 24 / 48 hours according to the reference norm;
  • fabrics-hydrostatic-pressure-test
  • HMI-monitor

Ricambi e accessori

Ricambio / accessorio Qta Prezzo
(IVA esclusa)
ALIMRS3524 - Alimentatore (EL) € 19,00 16,15
TRAPR2301 - Trasduttore di pressione 1mH2O - WATER PROOF (RIC) € 360,00 342,00
TRAPR2310 - Trasduttore di pressione 10mH2O - WATER PROOF (10 mH2O) € 430,00 408,50
TRAPR2320 - TRASDUTTORE DI PRESSIONE (20 mH2O) € 430,00 408,50
POMPLCC243S - PROPULSORE H2O (1/2) € 63,00 59,85
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