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Washmeter 38

Determination of colour fastness test to washing or to dry cleaning on fabrics

Colour fastness tester for fabrics subjected to washing and to dry cleaning UNI EN 20105 1994 - Part C01- C02-C03-C04-C05-C06), UNI EN ISO 105 (Part D01-D02), UNI EN 20105:1994 (Part E01-E02-E03-E04-E05-E06)




Washmeter 38 allows to execute colour fastness tests subjected to washing and to dry washing on fabrics in compliance with UNI EN 20105


Washmeter 38 allows to do colour fastness tests on fabrics simulating the domestic and industrial wash with water or the dry cleaning with diathermic liquids, an aggressive action done by different chemicals as e.g. perchlorethylene and trichloroethylene and other solvents.

Washmeter 38 is composed of a stainless steel tank to contain water or other diathermic liquids up to 140C of internal temperature.
Temperature setting for colour fastness test can be configured on Touch screen.

The logic output commands promptly the activation of static relays to keep temperature always under a constant regulation of 1C, while a bargraph visualized on the screen shows the current ongoing process.


Simultaneous rotation of 4 stainless steel cans with 1200 ml of inner capacity or 8 of 550 ml.
Series of steel balls for the agitation of fabric samples contained inside the cans.

Acoustic signal and automatic end of cycle let the operator free by any manual actions.

VITON seals necessary for dry cleaning with diathermic liquids as e.g. perchlorethylene and trichlorethylene solvents.

Technical data:
Cans:8 x 550 ml4 x 1200 ml
Test temperature: up to + 95 C with water
up to + 150 C with diathermic liquids
Test time:0-180 min.
Reference standards:UNI EN 20105, ISO/TC 38
Rotation speed of containers:settable from 40 to 60 rpm
Power supply:230 VAC/50 Hz
Dimensions:1000 x 600 x 1050 mm.
Net Weight:94 Kg
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