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Girowash 38

Determination of colour fastness of fabrics and other materials after washing loop cycles

Colourfastness to loundering and to dry cleaning Test 1-2-3-4-5 (UNI EN 20105 1994 - Part C01- C02-C03-C04-C05-C06), UNI EN ISO 105 (Part D01-D02), UNI EN 20105:1994 (Part E01-E02-E03-E04-E05-E06)



Girowash 38

Girowash 38 allows to determine the colour fastness of textile materials after the washing; GiroWash 38 is able to test fabrics submitted to the aggressive action of different agents as perchlorethylene and tricloroethylene and other solvents.

GiroWash 38 is equipped with an internal stainless steel tank to contain water or other liquids; the temperature of the liquid can be set on a PID controller, which is able to command Girowash 38 to keep temperature under tolerances of +/- 1C, while an external mechanical timer defines the time period of test performances.

Simultaneous tests of several stainless steel containers and series of steel balls for agitation of samples inside the containers.

An acoustical signal and automatic stop let the operator free to follow other laboratory activities during the test running.

A small basin with a tap allows preliminary operaitons as steel balls, containers and specimens pre-washing.

VITON seals necessary for dry cleaning test with perchlorethylene and trichlorethylene solvents.



N containers: 8 500 ml. or 4 1000 ml.

Test temperature:
- up to + 100 C with water
- up to + 150 C with diathermic liquids

Test time: 0-90 min.

Reference standards: UNI EN ISO 105, ISO/TC 38

Rotation speed of containers: 40 rpm

Power supply: 230 VAC - 50 Hz

Dimensions: 1000 x 600 x 1050 mm.

Net Weight: 94 Kg
  • BRANCA GIROWASH 38 Main view
  • Branca GIROWASH 38 Control board
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