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Circular sample cutter 16

Preparation of circular samples of fabric, paper, plastic or other fabrics with an exact area of ​​100 cm2

ISO 3374 - BS 24 71 - ISO 3801 - UNI 5114 8014-2-3-4 - ASTM D2646 - D3776




The "Circular sample cutter 16" prepares samples with exact surface area of 100 cm2 suitable for fabrics, rubber, paper, plastic and other materials, etc.

The Circular sample cutter 16 can be used together with precision electronic scales with a measure accuracy of +/- 0,01 g suitable to determine the mass/sqm.

The cut is done across four special blades, blank and sharp, replaceable without opening the circular sample cutter 16 and in total safety for the operator thanks to its safety device always included.

Circular sample cutter 16 100 cm2 Branca Idealair

Through a micrometrical screw it's possible to adjust precisely the cut depth in a continuous mode from 0,1 mm to 8 mm without affecting unnecessarily the surface of cork support and ensuring a precise cut with the minimal effort.
The circular sample cutter 16 is supplied together with two cork supports to perform a perfect cut and ten special blades as spare parts for future replacement.

Circular sample cutter 16 spare parts EcommercePrecision electronic scales Branca Idealair


Technical data:

  • Cut depth: up to 8 mm;
  • Cut diameter (): 112,9 mm;
  • Diameter (): 165 mm;
  • Height: 120 mm;
  • Weight: 2 Kg;
  • Circular sample cutter 16 of 100 cm2 Branca Idealair
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