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Air permeability 37SC

Determination of fabrics air permeability for Textile laboratories, finishing and fabric processing areas

UNI EN ISO 9237:97, EN 14683:19, ASTM F2100, EN ISO 9073-15:2008, ISO 48, ISO 10012-1, ASTM D-737, JIS L 1096 A, DIN 53887, EDANA 140.1, GOST 12088 - 77, ASTM D-3574, TAPPI T-251, AFNOR G-07 111 - ASTM D737 - BS 5636 - EDANA 140.1 - JIS L1096:2010



Air permeability tester for fabrics
0..1000 Pa
0..2500 Pa
Taratura strumento / Calibration
Manutenzione - Servicing
Stampante - ASCII printer
Software BAP_04 : Statistical Analyses
Parti di ricambio - Spare parts
Test pressione differenziale EN 14683:2019

The air permeability tester 37SC determines the air permeability of all types of fabrics, nonwovens, filters, felts, paper and other permeable materials

The repeatability and reproducibility of the test results are improved by the special attention given to the design of a new frame, structured in a double volume that separates the electronics and precision sensors from the motor of the suction unit, which generates a direct heat output.

Physical testing laboratories, commodity laboratories, finishing areas, product research and development, and quality control are the application fields where the instrument is mainly used.

The tests comply with Standard UNI EN ISO 9237:97, ASTM D-737 and other international norms.

With the mask testing kit to measure "DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE" done on protective masks the instrument AIR PERMEABILITY BRANCA 37SC is designed in compliance with the reference standardEN 14683:19 and ASTM F2100.
Including the optional kit for the DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE test" done on protective masks, the Air permeability 37SC is designed in compliance to the reference Standard EN 14683:19 e ASTM F2100.

Composed of a floor standing frame with wheels allows an easy and comfortable relocation inside production areas.

QUICK CHECK the function introduced in the operation of this air permeability tester allows the user to quickly measure multiple points of the sample, save all test results and check the uniformity of the material.

At the end of each test, the operator receives a test report to analyze the uniform processing of the material to improve its quality during production and clearly define the selected technical characteristics .

After few initial settings, the user runs immediately an automatic test following it up closely on touch screen watching pressure drop fine regulation (Pa), test time (s), and results savings.

FYI: Fine adjustment on pressure drop can be manual or automatic by means of modulation devices arranged on air circuit.

A) Pressure drop is generated from an innovative ultra-silent vacuum motorwith a noise level lower than 40 dB.

B) Thanks to the Quick check function the operator achieves rapidly test results after just few seconds advisable for low-permeability, e.g. downproof materials;

D) Electro-mechanical clamping with activation switch ideal for ASTM D-737, where flanges always the same tightening force.

Air permeability 37SC is fully-equipped with a calibration check plate for periodical checks of precision sensor reading.

On request the instrument check plate can be issued with copy of ACCREDIA certificate.

To test the air permeability of nonwovens thicker than 1 cm or more, special cover sleeve with desired air passage area (e.g. 20,50,100 cm2) that can be applied on the original flanges.

Air permeability tester 37SC has two side extendible wings to position comfortably the fabric reel.

Reduction flanges to get lower air crossing surfaces to 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 cm2 are arranged together with the air permeability tester and used in correlation to Reference Standard; on request auxiliary test area of 38 cm2 is given for test performances under pressure drop set at 125 Pa according to the norm ASTM D-737.

Figure 3: Air permeability test with calibration check plate;

Through HMI 5" Touch Screen the operator can set up parameters easily:

Original TEST AREA:100 cm2
Reduction flanges: 50, 38, 20, 10, 5, 2 cm2
Measure accuracy: (0..900) +/- 0,1 Pa; (0..2500) +/- 0,1 Pa;
Suction control type: Manual Automatic
Measure units: Lt/min, Lt/h, m/s, Lt/m2/s (or mm/s), others



1) ASCII Printer: print test results in hard copy, available in both impact or thermal models. Inside Test listing report are specified following information:

  • Company name
  • Address
  • Country
  • Sample No.
  • Supplier name
  • External Temperature ( C) as per ISO139
  • External Relative humidity (%) as per ISO139
  • Notes
  • Permeability results expressed in the chosen measure units Lt/min, Lt/m2/s, m/s, etc.
  • Operator


2) Application software BAP04: remote control and statistical analyses with Runtime Key license.

  • Test monitor template

The user can set all parameters from PC, monitor data including all test info;
  • Data transfer and auto-saving
  • File .CSV export
  • RJ45 Ethernet protocols

AIR PERMEABILITY 37S air-permeability37S

Technical data:

  • mm/s (Lt/m/s);
  • m/s;
  • Lt/min;
  • L/h
  • m/m/h
  • lt/dm/min
  • dm/s
  • cm/cm/min
  • CFM
  • ft/ft/s

AIR FLOW MEASURE RANGE: da 1,4 mm/s a 8056 mm/s;
* FYI: availability to speed up test thanks to the function control "QUICK CHECK";

TEST AREA (cm2):

TEST AREA:MIN (mm/s):MAX (mm/s):
100 cm2 1,4 161 (Original)
50 cm2 2,8322 (Reductions)
38 cm23,7424 (ASTM D-737)
20 cm26,9806 (Reductions)
10 cm213,91611 (Reductions)
5 cm2 27,83222 (Reductions)
2 cm269,4 8056 (Reductions)

  • 0 - 900 Pa (0-90 mm.Wg)
  • 0 - 2500 Pa (0-250 mm.Wg)

  • 100 cm2
  • 200 cm2

  • 50 cm2;
  • 20 cm2;
  • 10 cm2;
  • 5 cm2;
  • 2 cm2;


Minimum airflow: 50 Lt/h (equal to 0,84 Lt/min)
Maximum airflow: 5800 Lt/h (equal to 96,6 Lt/min)
Test air volume: 10 Lt /100 Lt
Maximum permitted error (MPE): 3% (according to UNI Standard)
Power supply: 110/230VAC - 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (LxDxH): 600 x 600 x 1150 mm
Net weight: 100 kg

  • ASCII Printer 57,5 mm, 24 columns with USB slot;
  • Sleeve of 100 cm2 to avoid air sides passage for thicker samples;
  • Dedicated reduction flanges of 50 cm2 for special samples;
  • Reduction flanges of 38 cm2 according to the norm ASTM D-737;

  • woven fabrics
  • knitted fabrics
  • nonwovens
  • filtration
  • felts
  • gas filters
  • fabrics for air bags
  • clothing
  • mosquito netting
  • parachutes
  • sails tentage
  • vacuum cleaners
  • weather-resistant
  • rainproof fabrics
  • coated fabrics
  • industrial fabrics
  • military fabrics
  • 37SC-Pressure-drop-regulation-knobs
  • 37SC-Air-permeability-photo-profile
  • 37SC-Air-permeability-air-intake
  • 37SC-Ethernet-port
  • kit-test-EN14683
  • how-to-test-medical-masks