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Analysis of yarns: Testing instruments

Manual twist-tester 18

Determination of the Twistings no. of plied and multi-plied yarns

Planofil Multiplex 24
Planofil Multiplex 24

Determination of yarn irregularities in compliance with ASTM Standards for cotton

Colour Sampling 27
Colour Sampling 27S

Preparation of yarn colour patterns for colour sampling

Colour Sampling 74

Per la preparazione semi-automatica di cartelline colori

Colour Sampling 74V
Colour sampling 74V

For the colour cards windings, sampling and presentation ideal for every yarn typology

Tension meter

For the determination of pretension applied during yarns wrapping operations for yarn count

Elastic yarn reel 09X
Elastometer 09S

Preparation of elastic yarn skeins of variable length

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