Steaming Oven

Vapourization with adiabatic saturation without any dew falling on sample materials

Industrial process, trend profiles, production




One purpose of industrial processes is the evaluation of the physico-mechanical properties of product materials submitted a saturation effect. Hygroscopic materials sensitive to the high moisture content undergo a deterioration due to moisture absorption reducing of their physical resistance by the increasing loss of physical strength that changes their properties.

S.T.A. Branca Idealair develops STEAMING OVEN, an insulated cabin able to obtain the 99,5% of Relative humidity inside the testing volume with temperature ranges from 40C to 70C and with closed tolerances of 0,5C under close regulation; Steaming Oven allows to verify later requirements and technical features of material parts.

Steaming Oven is constituted by an insulated cabin equipped with a front door closure, equipped with interlocking door system and external porthole window inspect materials.

A probe installed inside the cabin permits the continuous monitoring of Temperature and Relative humidity as shown on display; through an HMI User interface the user views on real time the trends and enters to process settings able to set up thermal profiles and other functional operations.

The reverse osmosis system allows the passage of water through a semipermeable membrane (osmotic membrane) and an active carbon filter, thus obtains a concentrated solution of water and pure water at 0f.

The air flow is filtered from the suction side through pre-filters average efficiency from the air suction in order to entry in the air handling units, to minimize the pollution of the internal parts of the air conditioning system (Filtration class G4).

The regulation of Temperature and Relative Humidity is managed through the use of process loops with excellent performance results and equalized according to strict tests carried out by our technical staff.

The three colors signaling lamp (red, yellow, green) positioned on the top of the cabin and used to indicate the phases of the process is equipped with a buzzer that signals the end of each cycle.
Together with the control unit has at its disposal a recording system of data collection of Temperature and Relative humidity, which allow the user to download the file format (.csv) for further analysis and quality checks.

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Electrical power supply:

400V / 3Phases+N+T - 50Hz


(50 70) C

Relative humidity:

x> 98%

Heating electrical power:

8 KW

Humidification electrical power:


Maximum absorption and power installed:

55A - 38KW

External dimensions:

3040 x 3340 x 2340 mm

Total weight:

2000 Kg

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