Box SAT RIP: General description and technical data

EN 196 -1, UNI CEN/TS 12390-9:2006, UNI EN 1338:2004, UNI EN 1340:2004, ASTM C191, ASTM C87, ASTM C109, ASTM C190



Armadio coibentato - Insulated box
Armadio non coibentato - Not insulated box
Manutenzione - Servicing
Supporto remoto - Remote control
Datalogging CQ - Datalogging QC
Parti di ricambio - Spare parts

The two models BOX SAT RIP and BOX SAT RIP ISO allow to reach hygrometric conditions higher than 95% thanks to its natural process of saturation that is generated inside an insulated volume between a liquid and its vapor.

The protected heaters allow to obtain a temperature controlled at :

  • 20C 0,5 C;

  • The main difference of BOX SAT RIP models is the thermal insulation of the structure itself, therefore BOX SAT RIP has to be located inside an air conditioned laboratory, while just in case of BOX SAT RIP ISO external climatic control is not necessary.

    The upper cited thermohygrometric conditions assure the proper conditioning of Lab specimens according to the reference norm EN 196-1:2005; the cabinet is also provided with a probe for the constant regulation of temperature and relative humidity during the maturation of concrete samples.

    The architecture of the box is composed of two compartments equipped with doorknobs and connected together in an overall internal volume and then just a top compartment containing electrical circuits; on the front side of the box an HMI panel board helps the user to check the climatic conditions and the system diagnostic.


  • Electronic recorder REC&PRINT series: able to collect temperature and relative humidity values from 1 to 9 probes and equipped both with a CF memory-card 256MB - 8GB to guarantee long periods of data collection easily configurable across USB or ETHERNET external slots used also for data download.
  • Auxiliary software: it allows to make detailed analyses on trend graphs and configurable with automatic customized print out; the electronic recorder linked to company network conveys all data to PC clients connected and it allows to create stored data backups.

  • For Customers references just click here below to view them: BOX SAT RIP & BOX SAT VAS: Customer references;

    Technical data:

  • Power supply : 230VAC
  • Nominal frequency: 50Hz
  • Humidification: 0,3 KW
  • Temperature accuracy: 0,01C
  • Temperature range: (1030)C
  • Relative humidity accuracy: 0,01%
  • Relative humidity range: (50100)C
  • Electrical power consumption: 0,6 KW
  • Noise level: >30 dBA
  • Applications:
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