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MIN Branca Idealair

Volume of the room: (20 - 100) m3

Air conditioning in compliance with UNI EN ISO 139, ASTM D-1776, ISO 187, BS EN 20139, BS EN 20187, DIN 50015, ERT 60-1, ASTM D1776, M&S PGA, EDANA, BISFA Standards, TAPPI T-402, SCAN P-2, etc.



MIN + Hydronic
Type MIN only
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The climatic unit type MIN is the first of the three models of close control climatic units series Branca HFO for the precision air conditioning of laboratories

This specific close control unit designed by Branca Idealair assures the perfect control of humidity and temperature parameters with a steady control inside tolerances as requested from ISO/ASTM and other international Standard guaranteeing the working conditions for all laboratory activities that have to be performed inside an environmentally controlled rooms.
The precision air conditioning given by the close control climatic unit Type MIN allows to reach and maintain required ambient conditions, thus the Standard Atmosphere and climatic control inside the laboratory. The valuable element is the close-control of the conditions that assures the optimal uniformity in each part of the laboratory reducing at minimum level the spatial and temporal thermal gradients.


The Close control unit Type MIN assures the perfect conditions to operate inside testing laboratories with internal air volumes up to 100 m3

Here below are listed main functionalities and high performances of the Climatic Unit Type MIN:

  • The body structure is built in painted stainless steel material;
  • Heat exchange of the cooled water from -10 C and 0 C through a fluid composition of Ethylenic Glycole and water;
  • Heat exchanger composed of pipes and fins made of copper-copper;
  • Piping sections to Hydronic module starting from 3/4"
  • Flexible adaptability and performances in all seasonal periods and with critical outdoor conditions from -20C to 45C and rH% from 10% to 90%;
  • Electric compatibility respecting the requisites of CE Conformity for the supply to the European market and in case of supplies to US or Canada the close control unit Type MIN is equipped with components certified UL, CSA according to american or canadian national Standard;
  • The air distribution system is designed at the state of the art by our engineering team according to the room dimensions. The air diffusion can be entered from drilled panels across a false ceiling or from send/ return air ducts suitably designed to ensure a low air outlet speed below 0,15 m/s to the room.
  • The cooled water circuit is charged with 50% of ethylenic Glycole and 50% of water, whichof water circulation is done by the pumps of various power selected according to the piping distances and heights between indoor and outdoor unit;
  • Water purification system is an auxiliary choice composed of several filtration steps starting from active carbon filter and reverse osmosis cartridge that produces pure water at 0F. The quality of water reduces the risks of calc growing inside the humidification device;
  • Humidification device at adhiabatic saturation under temperature control activated under logic programmable control, without any submerged electrodes or water boilers;
  • The r.H.% value is managed directly from close control of dew point defined as 1 temperature level control;
  • Post-heating coil:
    To save energy consumption up to 70% instead of air heaters use thanks to the heat recovery from compressor outlet of outdoor hydronic module and managed directly from the logic of Climatic Unit. The heat is trasferred to the post heating coil from forced recirculation pump that makes a constant fluid recirculation to the indoor unit under the monitoring of a special probe and affordable and reliable SSR close control.
  • Close control Climatic unit Type MIN is equipped with a main blower electronically controlled as requested by European Standard with GREEN TECH certification label;
  • Pre-filters with filtration class G4 on return air front panel or ducts and final absolute filtration with high filtration efficiency classed F7 or F9 on request;
  • Germicidal lamps to do the continuous sterilization of the cooling heat exchanger and to guarantee the best performances of thermal heat exchange;
  • HMI 7" Touch Screen, for parameters setting and Climatic readings monitor, with calendar, management functions and others.
  • All Branca climatic units are arranged for remote support control functions;
  • Probes reading resolutions: +/- 0,01C e +/- 0,01%;
  • Alarms diagnostics and statistics with screen mapping focused on troubleshooting and prompt remedies for a direct follow-up by the enduser and direct link to Branca Support contact details;
  • Integrated datalogging functions new and CSV files download from browser FTP;
  • Weekly program function for NORMAL or ECO operational mode new

The Climatic Unit Type MIN is available in two options:

Option A: Close control climatic unit Type MIN + Hydronic module
This version is full optional and includes the hydronic module to produce cooled water according to the specification of model and laboratory project.
Option B: ONLY Close control climatic unit Type MIN
In this version the close control climatic unit Type MIN is supplied without the outdoor hydronic module; on this case customer has to provide cooled water at constant temperature control as per indications given from Branca Idealair engineering team.


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Technical data:

Model MIN
Air volume to condition:

(20-100) m3
Heating: 4,5 KW
Cooling: 3,5 KW
Humidification: 3 KW
Refrigerant: 50% water, 50% Ethylenic Glycole
Ext. hydronic module charged with HFO R1234ze

Ventilation: 0,8 KW
Air flow: 1000 m3/h
Blower transmission: Coaxial
Air exchange: 1 volume/h
Reading values: C 10 ..... 30
% 40 ..... 80
Water charge pipe: 1/4"
Water discharge pipe: 1/2"
Discharging pipe section: 1/2"
Send/return cooled water: 12mm
GWP: 4
Lubrificant: POE, PAG
Power supply: Trifase (3ph+N+PE)
Dimensions: 80x50x190
Net weigth: 300 Kg

Climatic unit Type MIN has extensive applications in the laboratories and environmentally-controlled rooms whereto examine the merceological and quality characteristics of products.

Main applications are listed below:

textile-testing-laboratories metrological-room paper-testing-laboratories timing-facilities dimensional-metrology cement-glue-adhesive-products-laboratories adhesive-glues-laboratories
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