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MED Branca Idealair

Ambient volume to condition: (100 - 300) m3

ISO 139/187, BS EN 20139/20187, DIN 50015, ERT 60-1, ASTM D1776, M&S PGA, EDANA, BISFA Standards, etc.



MED + Hydronic
Only MED
climatico climatic Klima klimaticheskiy
termostatico thermostatic termostaticheskiy
Mappatura Mapping laboratornoye kartirovaniye
Ispezione Inspection osmotr
Tecnico Technician tekhnicheskiy
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The MED Branca Idealair Climatic Element is a treatment unit designed to obtain precision conditioning in laboratories with ambient volumes from 100 to 300 m3 within extremely narrow tolerance limits

The MED type climatic unit consists of a renewed cabinet structure with side ducts capable of housing all the components of the electrical circuit and heat exchangers capable of obtaining high performance of climate control on temperature ( C) and relative humidity (%) within the tolerance thresholds requested by the Customer.

Designed to cover volumes up to 300 m3.


In the commercial proposal S.T.A. Branca Idealair also offers the external hydronic module designed for the management / control of the temperature of the chilled water with constant regulation proportional to the cooling output generated by the system to obtain the 1st level temperature value on cooling heat exchangers of climatic element .

Here below are listed the advanced features of Climatic Unit Type MED:

  • A wide operating capacity with external atmospheric conditions from -20C to 40C and R.H. from 10% to 90%;
  • Electric compatibility according to CE, UL and CSA certifications;
  • Modular air flow distribution tangential to the walls and air send at velocities lower than 0,15 m/s on the work desks;
  • Refrigerating circuit expansion pressure regulated through electronic valves;
  • Reverse osmosis water purification system for the production of demineralized water at 0F;
  • Condensate recovery basin with humidification elements to adjust fine regulation of Relative humidity (%);
  • Indoor centrifugal fan with coaxial transmission and electronic speed control as required by EU standards;
  • Return air filters in fitration efficiency class G3-G4;
  • HMI Touch 7" Display for user management;
  • Remote support device included;
  • Values reading resolution at +/- 0,01C or +/- 0,01%;
  • Alarms diagnostics and statistics;
  • Integrated datalogging system;
  • NORMAL/ECO unit operation on weekly programming;

The HFO Climatic unit Type MED is offered with the following configurations:

Option A: HFO Climatic unit Type MED + Hydronic module
This all-in-one version includes the climatic unit with the hydronic module to manage the control of the cooled water temperature according to the requested climatic conditions and foreseen thermal loads .
Option B: ONLY Climatic unit Type MED
In this version the Climatic unit is supplied without the addition of the external hydronic module which must however be provided by the customer himself at the chilled water temperature conditions indicated by the designer Branca Idealair.


Technical-support-for-Type-MED front-desk



Technical data:
Model MED
Ambient volume:

(100-300) m3
Heating: 9 KW
Cooling: 7 KW
Humidification: 4,5 KW
Refrigerant: Cooled water composition:
50% Water,
50% Ethylenic Glycole
Ext. Hydronic module is charged with hfo R1234ZE

Ventilation: 1,6 KW
Air flow: 3000 m3/h
Fan transmission: Coaxial
Air exchange: 1 volume/h
Control ranges: C 10 ..... 30
% 40 ..... 80
Water charge pipe: 3/4"
Water discharge pipe: 3/4"
Water discharge connection: 3/4"
Cooled water pipe section: 20 mm
GWP: 4
Lubrificant: POE, PAG
Power supply: Three-phase (3ph+N+PE)
Dimensions: 130x60x190
Net weight: 400 Kg

The Climatic unit Type MED is mainly used inside laboratory building applications and controlled rooms for precise measurements, R&D, calibration, certification and Product QC areas.

Here below are shown main applications:

textile-testing metrological-rooms paper-testing timing-facilities dimensional-metrology concrete-testing adhesive-glues
  • HFO-MED-indoor-unit
  • HFO-MED-hydronic-module
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