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Standard Amtmosphere Chamber

Conditioned samples of material before Testing

ISO 139/187, BS EN 20139/20187, UNI EN 1149-1, DIN 50015, ERT 60-1, ASTM D1776, M&S PGA, EDANA, BISFA Standards



Climatico - Temperature&Humidity Control
Termostatico - Only Temperature control
Umidostatico - Only Humidity control
Spare parts

Standard Atmosphere Branca Idealair is a conditioning chamber for Textile and Paper laboratories able to bring samples in equilibrium for laboratory testing

Standard Atmosphere Climatic chamber Branca Idealair ensures the requested climatic conditions in compliance to ISO 139/187 (Textile), DIN 50015, ERT 60-1, ASTM D1776 (Textile), M&S (Textile), PGA, EDANA, B.I.S.F.A. Standard and others.

The climatic close-control of thermohygrometric conditions is controlled by its Logic programmable unit that allows to optimize at highest levels all operational parameters to keep a perfect stability and uniformity expressed in term of spatial and temporal gradients always inside tolerances as described below:

Temperature:21C27C23C23C 1C
Relative Humidity:65%65%25%50% 2%
*CONF3: for the determination of electrostatic properties (Anti-Static) in compliance to UNI EN 1149-1
*CONF4: for paper samples conditioning in compliance to ISO 187

Textile laboratory tests need the preparation of the samples under a precision air conditioning for a period of 24 hours.

Standard Atmosphere Climatic chamber Branca Idealair frame is properly sealed inside and its walls are composed of polyurethane foam covered by a stainless steel surface to get the right insulation of 0,34W/m2K.

Its internal volume can be subdivided in different levels through stainless steel shelves where to place the samples.

From its transparent glass door used for total view of the internal, it ensures also a comfortable access to the operator just pulling door handle.

With Standard Atmosphere Climatic chamber Branca Idealair the thermo-hydrometric control is reliable and guaranteed under requested conditions

User interface is given by a 7" HMI Touch Screen that allows the operator a full management to set parameters and to keep monitored temperature and relative humidity o​in real time and analyzing it beside the long period with trend graph and other logger functions.

On request a certified Wireless datalogger can be supplied together with as reference control of conditions issuing QMS reports.

Technical data:
Heating:0,9 KW
Cooling:0,5 KW
Humidification:0,3 KW
Total power consumption:1,6 KW
Shelves:up to 10 stainless steel shelves
User interface:HMI Touch Screen 7
Digital PID controllers
Lighting:Led lighting
Handling:Fixed or Movable with 6 pivoting wheels
Water charge:Manual charge Water tank 300 l every 2/3 months
Condensate discharge:Recovered to water tank
Recording data:On request with thermo-hygrometric probe and electronic recorder
Datalogger:Wireless datalogger certified ISO or ACCREDIA (3 points temperature and 3 points humidity)
Ext. communication:through Ethernet port
Power supply:110/230VAC - 50/60Hz
External dimensions:600 X 620 X 1380 (mm)
Internal chamber dimensions:500 X 500 X 1100 (mm)
Net weight:220 Kg
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