MeasureBox for Metrology, Comparison of gage blocks by calibration and PM10 analyses

ISO1, BS EN ISO, 3650, ISO/TR 14638:1995, GUM:1995, ISO 1:1975, ISO 1101, ISO 6507-1:1997, EN ISO 6507-1:1997, ISO 14253-1:1998, VIM:1993



Measure box for Metrology
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20C +/- 2C E 50 % +/- 5 %

The MeasureBox by Branca Idealair is a conditioning box suitable for Metrology applications and comparison of gage blocks for comparison. Parts have to be immediately conditioned, before calibration before and after the procedure. MeasureBox unit has to placed in a room, which grants following conditions:

  • Temperature: 20 +/- 2 C
  • Relative humidity: 50 +/- 5%

The air conditioning inside the box is realised by means of Peltier cells. A Peltier cell is made by two parallelepipeds of half conduced materials. One is flavoured n and the other one p. Two parallelepipeds are connected from a point of each other by a metallic plate (copper cold joints, usually) and from the opposite point of each other by two metallic plates (warm joints). It is inserted a power supply between these two plates.

There is a warm transfer from cold joint to warm joints as per Peltier result if there is some continuos electric power. Electrons that passing by p flavoured material to n flavoured one, through the cold joint, they absorb energy to exceed the potential local step. The metallic plate, which is the joint, it becomes cold as the absorbed energy is deduced like a warm, which is very sensible. It is different for the warm side as it is caused by an opposite potential step.

The air inside the box will be cooled and dehumidified thanks to its passage in a waste device with a cold joint of the Peltier cell. The condensed water will be collected in a suitable tank placed on backside of the box; humidifying the room. A step by step pump takes the water by the tank and brings it inside the box where, with an air contact, the water will evaporate increasing the relative humidity.

There is a suitable electric heater to warm air; it gives a right warm quantity. There are two controllers on the box front side to read inside box temperature and relative humidity directly. Two controllers are jointed to a thermo hy-grometry probe placed inside the box. The temperature control check air cooling result with a proportional band so that to have a medium value closer to the set value; humidity control check dehumidifying result with a proportional band so that to have a medium value closer to the set value.

The power supply is one phase 230 V. 50 Hz + earth. The drawing no. 3 shows the MBB outside frame with the relative component list.

There is a suitable place inside the box to put up a balance for filters weighting before and after air sampling and to determine the air fine dust content in the same air. There are three holes on the MBB bottom where there are the balance holder feet to avoid any vibration transmission from the MBB to the balance. It is possible to lean the balance by means of three cylinders on a support without vibration which is placed under the box so that to protect the balance by the MBB completely.

More information contact: info@brancaidealair.it

Technical data:

Power supply: 110/230VAC - 50/60HZ;
Ext. ambient temperature limits (C): 18C-24C;
Ext. ambient relative humidity limits (%): 40%-60%;
Air velocity: 0,2 m/s
Heating: 75W
Cooling: 320W
Total power consumption: 350W
Internal air volume: 800 x 450 x 550 mm or defined by the Customer;
External dimensions: 850 x 750 x 820 mm (Standard) or defined by the customer;
Net weight: 60 Kg
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  • Branca-Idealair-Measure-Box-Metrology
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