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MINI Climatic unit

Lab air volume: (10 25) m3

Air climatic unit type MINI is in compliance with all ISO, UNI, EN, M&S, ASTM, BISFA, EDANA, TAPPI standard



Espansione diretta, Direct expansion unit
Ad acqua refrigerata, Water-cooled unit
Spare parts

Air conditioning unit type MINI manages the precision air conditioning of small testing rooms and laboratories assuring temperature and humidity control and uniformity

The climatic unit type MINI guarantees the proper carrying out of the ISO / IEC 17025 laboratory activities and accreditation in the various application fields and it is considered suitable for samples conditioning and testing according to reference standard.

Type MINI assures constant climatic conditions, thus the reliability and the reproducibility of tests on samples.

  • Temperature: 23 1C;
  • Relative humidity: (45 50) 2 %;


  • Temperature: (20 21) 1C;
  • Relative humidity: 65 2 %;

The unit Type MINI is designed for special applications as e.g. precision weighing scales or testings that demand for normal atmosphere.

On request the supply of an isolated cabin combined together with the unit.

Air climatic unit Type MINI is divided in two parts:

  • Indoor unit, for air flow distribution into the conditioned room;
  • Outdoor unit, where are installed the electrical circuit, refrigerant circuit and HMI user interface;

Air flow distribution enters the air tangential to the walls at a low speed, less than 0,15 m/s, reducing the convective air movements and Coanda effect under the ceiling.

The User interface is on the front panel of the outdoor unit and equipped with a user-friendly Touch screen to input SetPoints ​​and other parameters, real-time monitoring of temperature and relative humidity.

Humidity is control by evaporative basin with humidification elements, principle focused on adiabatic saturation that used to regulate the dew point temperature with excellent performances.

The water charge to humidification is fed at 0F across the osmosis group for water handling.

Air climatic unit type MINI is compatible with international communication protocols and communicates through USB or ETHERNET slots. The operator can connect by remote and download collected data through a PC-software on request.


Climatic Element Type 0

AIR VOLUME:(925) m3
Heating: 1,5 KW
Cooling: 0,8 KW
Humidification: 0,3 KW
Fan model:Centrifugal type (Standard EU)
Fan air flow:250 m3/h
Fan consumption: 0,20 KW
Air exchange (m3/h):1 ambient volume/h
Condensation:by air
Cooling mode:by cooled water
Temperature: (10 30) 0,5 C
Relative humidity: (40 80) 2 %
Water charge:1/4"
Water discharge:1/2"
Condensing water discharge:1/2"
Total power installed: 1,5 KW
Indoor noise level: < 45 dB
Outdoor noise level: < 65 dB
Refrigerant (condensing unit):R290
Refrigerant charge:110 g
Lubrificant:POE, PAG
Cable section:3 x 6 mm2
Power supply conductors: 1F+N+PE
Power supply:230VAC/50HZ
Dimensions (LxPxA): 60 x 30 x 180 (internal module)
Dimensions (LxPxA): 70 x 30 x 180 (external module)
Net weight: 150Kg


Air Climatic unit Type MINI is commonly used for:
  • Textile testing laboratories
  • Paper and paperboard testing laboratories
  • Gravimetric sampling of fine powders PM10, PM2,5, etc.
  • Precision weighing rooms
  • Equipment calibration rooms
  • Laboratories ISO / IEC 9001 and 17025
  • Metrological rooms
  • Other applications
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