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Climatic unit Type 3

Air volume (300 500) m3

ISO 139/187, BS EN 20139/20187, DIN 50015, ERT 60-1, ASTM D1776, M&S PGA, EDANA, BISFA Standards, etc.



Spare parts

Climatic unit type 3 regulates precisely thermo-hygrometric conditions assuring uniformity in every point of the laboratory within following limits:

Temperature:(20 23) 0,5 C
Relative humidity:(45 50) 2 %

or alternatively:

Temperature:(20 23) 0,5 C
Relative humidity:65 2 %

Climatic unit Type 3 chassis consists in a stainless steel box with large opening, doorknobs for an easy and complete view of internal spaces, components and suitable for maintenance activities.
The unit is equipped internally with a basin, to recover condensing water produced by the evaporator coil and in the climatic version to set humidification resistances too, supported by the structure frame and stainless steel regulation damper .
The upper spaces are at disposal for the electrical components and for different filtration levels.

The main internal blower is a motion coaxial fan with AUTO-speed control; the motor speed increase/decrease is closely influenced by the increase of the air flow losses caused by the sedimentation of dust on suction and final filters.

As first step, air pre-filters (at medium efficiency) on suction panel are located on suitable filter trays on recirculation are ducts and inside the unit in order to reach the minimum percentage of pollution within inner spaces of Climatic Element Type [3]. As second step, air final HEPA filters (at high efficiency) in the air in, class - 1000, and elimination of all harmful germs present in the breathing aparat of people, in accordance with the requirements of Art. 9.5.85 Circular 232-5-4 of the French Ministry of Labour and as shown on the 'Guidelines for the protection and promotion of health in confined spaces' published in the Italian Official Gazette No. 252 of November 2001 and successive Rules;

Charged with HFC gas compatible with Environmental protection Standards (GWP<2000), with protection by electronically refrigerant liquid valves without any mechanical stress, suction drier filters on the compressor to avoid air and humidity inside the circuit, the condensation control by fans switching or modulation, Dew Point temperature and compressor temperature under constant control. Cooling heat exchanger consists of copper tubes and fins to prevent redox effect due to the contact of different conductors in the presence of water greedy ion. Bactericidal action of the copper fins preventing the development of bacteria and fungi in saturation conditions.
Spacing of the fins of 3 mm to allow an easy periodical maintenance of the finned pack with water-jet pump at the level of the floor;

Under continuous operation 24/24h without any regeneration cycle feeding water vessel for humidification heaters and treated by a sequence of water filters mechanical and active carbons, and a reverse osmosis system together with water pump automatic pressure regulating device protected from magnetic limescale, in balanced quantities to avoid any risk of precipitate the water of the basin.

With air speeds less than 0.15 m / sec. tangential to the walls, with recovery of hot air convection removal of layers with collection of recirculating air from hole between the insulated ceiling and the false ceiling. False ceiling in aluminium with thermo-absorbent action in order to ensure the maximum uniformity of the samples to the worktop or workdesk, and simultaneous energy recovery in compensation to the post-heating tip.

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Technical data:

ROOM VOLUME:(300 450 ) m3(300 450 ) m3
Heating: 18 KW18 KW
Cooling: 7,7 KW8,87 KW
Humidification: 12 KW12 KW
Indoor blower:Centrifugal (Standard EU)Centrifugal (Standard EU)
Blower capacity:5000 m3/h5000 m3/h
Ventilation:1,6 KW1,6 KW
Air Exchange (m3/h):1 room volume/h1 room volume/h
Condensation:by airby air/ by water
Cooling:by cooled water/
Temperature: (10 30) 0,5 C(10 30) 0,5 C
Relative humidity: (40 80) 2 %(40 80) 2 %
Water charge connection:⌀ 1/4"⌀ 1/4"
Water discharge connection:⌀ 1/2"⌀ 1/2"
Condensate water collector:⌀ 1/2"⌀ 1/2"
Total power installed: 38 KW38 KW
Indoor noise level: < 45 dB < 45 dB
Outdoor noise level: < 60 dB < 60 dB
Refrigerant:HFO R1234zeR1234zeHFC R134A/R407C/R410A
Pipes sections (Send/Return):⌀ 25 mm⌀ 16 mm - 28 mm
GWP: <1 1300-2090
Lubrificant oil:POE, PAGPOE, PAG
Power cord section:5 x 25 mm25 x 25 mm2
Power conductors: 3F+N+PE 3F+N+PE
Power supply:400VAC/50HZ 400VAC/50HZ
Dimensions (LxPxA): 190 x 65 x 190 190 x 65 x 190
Net weight: 550Kg550Kg



  • Textile Laboratories;
  • Cotton classing and testing laboratories;
  • Wool classing and testing laboratories
  • Fiber laboratories
  • Abrasion and Martindale laboratories
  • Yarn testing laboratories;
  • Synthetic fiber laboratories;
  • Wiveb and nonwoven fabcris labs;
  • Dimensional metrology;
  • CMM's conditioning;
  • Electrical metrology;
  • Data centers with precision temperature control;
  • Laboratories for Paper and Paperboard;
  • Laboratories for Glues and Adhesives;
  • Laboratories for Plastic;
  • Laboratories for Cement and Concrete;
  • Laboratories for Leather;
  • Others..;
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