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Climatic unit type 0

Air volume (20 50) m3

UNI EN ISO 1:2016, ISO 139:2011, ASTM D 1776-20, ISO 187:1990, TAPPI T402, UNI EN ISO 2231, ISO 2419, OIML G13, ISO 23953, IEC 60068-3-5, ISO/IEC 17025, ASTM D1909, EN12341:2014, M&S Standard conditioning, PGA, EDANA, BISFA Standards, OIML etc.



Type [0] Climatico/Climatic
Type [0] Termostatico/thermostatic
Richiesta manutenzione-Request of servicing
Ispezione - Inspection
Mappatura laboratorio - Laboratory Mapping
Supporto remoto - Remote teleassistance
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Branca Climatic unit Type 0 is a precision air conditioner ideal to assure the perfect climatic close-control of parameters inside testing laboratories and environmentally controlled rooms

As requisite set for International Standard, the climatic unit Type 0 allows to cover the Standard Atmosphere conditions requested for samples preparation and testing.

Type 0 keeps constantly under close-control both temperature and relative humdity under below parameters:

Temperature: (10 30) 0,5C;
Relative humidity: (40 80) 2 %;


The frame is worked in stainless steel, subsequenlty painted and appearing in the shape of a floor-standing unit with front wide hinged panels suitably designed to allow a proper maintenance activities by technicians.
The unit allows an easy entering to refrigerating circuit and electrical components of the system.

The condensate generated by the evaporator coil is collected from recovery water basin used also for humidification purpose.
The water basin contains safely humidification elements used to warm up the demineralized water recovered from condensate and fed by water reverse osmosis circuit.
They allow the fine rH% close control.

The upper compartments include electrical components and user interface devices such as HMI touch Screen 7" and logic programmable units.

The advanced technology of climatic units Type 0 allow to keep under a laminar flow control the air distributing it uniformely in every point of the laboratory as a sea of conditioned air.
The indoor unit handle indoor ventilation through a centrifugal blower with automatic speed control. With the progressive increase of dust on filters, the blower motor increase proportionally the ratio to sustain air loss of air distribution system, but always maintaining the needed flow of air.


Return air filters at medium efficiency with filtration class G4 EN779. Prefilters are mounted on special trays in the front panel or in return air ducts to reduce the air particles in the laboratory.
Final filters are HEPA filters with filtration class F9.
These air filters assure the total disinfection against dusts and bacterias that could be harmful to human health.


Branca refrigerating circuits are designed to give both high performances and low energy consumption in stand-by operational conditions.

The circuit satisfies environmental safety rules, charging just sustainable refrigerants in compliance with the last International rules, thus stopping the use of HFC (Hydrofluorocarbon) such as R134A, R410A, R407C, and starting using HFO refrigerants (Hydrofluoro-Olefine) R1234ZE with LGWP 4 as global warming protection.

The refrigerating circuit is equipped with electronic throttling valves to exclude any magnetic contacts or adopting traditional solenoid valves.
Drier filters on compressor suction to prevent any possible liquid return, outdoor air cooled units with fan rotation under a steady control of condensation pressure, close-control on low temperature Dew-Point and compressor injection to keep temperature under constant regulation.
Evaporator, composed of copper tubing and copper fins to prevent the redox contact effect with different conductors in presence of water greedy of ions.
Bactericidal action of the copper fins preventing bacteria in conditions of saturation.
Space between fins of 3 mm to allow a periodical servicing on the heat exchanger with a high pressure water pump at floor level;


A special water ECO system without any regeneration cycles, but keeping under acceptable limits the water consumption by the Climatic Unit Type 0; moreover the system allows to feed the humidification vessel passing through a sequence of filters and reverse osmosis group; the pressure switches (safeties) cover all the circuit protected from limescale devices to avoid any risks of water flooding.

With air speed less than 0,15 m/s to the work desks, tangential to the walls, with hot air recovery device with recirculation air collection from the top between insulated roof ceiling and false ceiling.
False ceiling in aluminium with heat absorbent action able to guarantee the maximum results in terms of uniformity for the samples to the work desks, and simultaneously energy save in compensation to the post-heating heat exchanger.

Climatic unit type mini select air climatic unit climatic unit type 1

Technical data:

Cooled water units Direct expansion units


(25 50) m3 (25 50) m3
Heating: 4,5 KW 4,5 KW
Cooling: 1 KW 2 KW
Humidification: 1,8 KW 1,8 KW
Indoor fan model: centrifugal (Standard EU) centrifugal (Standard EU)
Fan capacity: 500 m3/h 500 m3/h
Ventilation: 0,8 KW 0,8 KW
Air exchange (m3/h): 1 volume/h 1 volume/h
Condensation: / by air / by water
Chilled water temperature: (4 12) C /
Temperature: (20 27) 0,5 C (20 27) 0,5 C
Relative humidity: (45 65) 2 % (45 65) 2 %
Water charge pipe size: ⌀ 1/4" ⌀ 1/4"
Water discharge pipe size: ⌀ 1/2" ⌀ 1/2"
Condensing water discharge: ⌀ 1/2" ⌀ 1/2"
Total power installed: 9 KW 10 KW
Indoor noise level: < 45 dB < 45 dB
Outdoor noise level: < 60 dB < 60 dB
Refrigerant: 50% water
50% ethylenic glycol
hfo R1234z, hfc R134A, hfc R407C
Refrigerating piping sizes: ⌀ 10mm - 16mm ⌀ 10mm - 16mm
GWP: / 1300-2090
Lubrificant oil: POE, PAG POE, PAG
Power cord section: 5 x 10 mm2 5 x 10 mm2
Power supply conductors: 3F+N+PE 3F+N+PE
Power supply: 400VAC/50HZ 400VAC/50HZ
Dimensions (LxPxA): 70 x 50 x 190 70 x 50 x 190
Net weight: 200Kg 200Kg

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BRANCA Climatic Unit Type 0 is used in several applications as listed below:

  • Textile testing laboratories
  • Laboratories for Chemicals
  • Laboratories for Fiber testing;
  • Laboratories for Wool testing;
  • Laboratories for fiber testing;
  • Abrasion and Martindale rooms;
  • Laboratories for yarn testing;
  • Woven and nonwoven labs;
  • Textile products store and preparation;
  • Laboratories for dimensional metrology;
  • CMM metrological rooms;
  • Certication and calibration laboratories
  • Precision scale measuring rooms
  • Laboratories for Plastic testing
  • Laboratories Paper testing;
  • Paperboard testing;
  • Concrete and Structural materials testing;
  • PM 10, PM 2,5 gravimetric analyes;
  • Leather and skins laboratories;
  • Other application fields

Climatic unit type mini select air climatic unit climatic unit type 1

  • Climatic Element Type 0 air condenser
  • Climatic-Element-Type-0
  • Laboratory-and-quality-Branca-Idealair
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