Samples conditioning cabin: internal air volumes of 5 10 m3

ISO 139, BRITISH STANDARDS (BS4194:1967), ASTM (D123 58), ASTM D5867, EN12341 (PM10-Air Quality), ISO187,



Spare parts

Cabinet is a testing chamber designed for testing laboratories in Textile, Air Quality, Paper and other applications

The cabin follows Standard ISO 139 (Textile testing), ISO187 (Paper testing), EN 12341 (Air quality gravimetric method) and other reference norms.

Here below follow control ranges settable on Cabinet:

  • Temperature: (18 25) 0,5C
  • Relative Humidity: (45 65) 2 %;

The cabin structure is composed of modular sealed panels 80 mm of thickness and with a floor composed of thermosetting resin

The cabin allows the entrance of one operator per time and optimizing the work desk it is possible to place the testing equipments on bench top desk and to other shelves to put material to a steady constant thermo-hygrometric close regulation.

The Climatic unit Type 0 is the modular unit to assure climatic control and send the air into the environment at extremely low speed of 0,15 m/s.

With a user friendly interface, Type 0 displays inside conditions indoor and outdoor allowing the operator to configure parameters setting.
Easy configuration of set points for temperature and relative humdity with Standard Atmosphere control range.
Alarms diagnostics and statistics, a technical area suitable for service and a week programming with NORMAL/ ECO operation for energy saving.
Cabinet has logging function to save records of temperature and humidity on HMI Touch Screen memory interfaceable to downlaod to a local PC or to a company network.

According to the Standard the records must be achieved by independent probes (ISO139, ISO187, etc.) therefore to be compliance to the Standard Branca IdealAir offers external laboratory dataloggers as Rec&Print which assures the data collection and savings on server through a Webserver and trend graph visualizations and other statistical evaluations.

Click here to download PDF - HFO CLIMATIC UNITS, then just click here below:

Technical data:


  • Sizes mt. 2 x 1.5 x 2.9 in height;
  • The walls and ceiling made ​​of modular sealed panels of white color, complete with profiles and base (K = 0.34 W/m2 x K);
  • Floor composed of thermosetting resin;
  • Door to door insulated with injected polyurethane with thickness of 40 mm and anodized aluminum frame with a dimensions cm. 100 x 210 in height opening outwards;
  • Refrigerating circuit with Scroll compressor and air condenser suitable to work at an external ambient temperature of 23C, with a noise suppressor box to keep externally the level below 50 dBA;
  • Heating device with minimum resistance to thermal inertia of 400 watts operating under proportional band controlling solid static relays and protected by a safeties;
  • Humidification device recover the evaporation of the condensed water integrated with purified water feed in a special container of stainless steel material, equipped with 150 Watt heaters, under proportional band control from solid static relays, protected by a safety; the recovery basin is with overflow device with too full removable in case of maintenance
  • Evaporator ventilated by fan motor with voltage regulator adapted to maintain a constant air-flow
  • Operator panel (HMI technology Touch screen) to display the temperature and humidity values ​​with capacitive probe and resolution penny installed on the front panel of the control panel;
  • Safety thermostat for stopping in the event of a possible failure of the refrigeration circuit;
  • Container for distilled or demineralized water
  • Single-phase voltage 220 ​​V. 50 Hz

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