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Air sterilization for air conditioning systems in laboratories

After the restarting of working activities starting in Italy since May 2020 and after the premises related to the important and needed benefit of laboratory disinfection against Virus COVID-19, S.T.A. Branca Idealair offers the Sterilization kit for Branca Climatic units as additional accessory

Sterilization kit allows the automatic air disinfection 24/24 h for all testing laboratories where have been installed Branca Climatic units

The air sterilization kit allows to obtain the total elimination of virus and bacterias concentrated in the environmentally controller rooms ensuring the safe working areas free from any virus presence.

It consists in an adaptable accessory composed of compact filters at high filtration efficiency F9 according to the Standard EN779:2012 compliance with VDI 6022 and EN13779.

New filter dimensions are compatible with the original filter holder of the Climatic unit.

A better efficiency in filtration on fine suspended solid particles and on bacterias always maintaining the same high performance in thermo-hygrometric control.

Air disinfection inside testing laboratories is done by UVC Germicidal lamps


Disinfection is carried out using ultraviolet rays, a method that has significant advantages:

  • It doesn’t involve the use of chemical additives
  • The formation of mutations due to resistance by the treated microorganisms is also completely avoided
  • It is not harmful to people working in the laboratory

The UVC emitters produce a very faint bluish light of 50 lumens inside the filtration compartment.

Housed in a sealed compartment and protected by micro-switch in case of inspection door panel opening for maintenance and replacement of the filters, which automatically generates their power supply cut off.

UVC lamps selected by S.T.A. Branca Idealair make hygienic storage and maintenance of hygienic conditions possible within the laboratories.

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