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Wrap-reel 11S

Automatic preparation of slivers and rovings according to national and international Standards

UNI EN ISO 2060, BS EN ISO 2060, UNI 5114, BS 2471, ASTM D-3776, ASTM D-1907, ASTM D-2646, UNI EN 29073, UNI 8014, ISO 3801



In Textile companies, fashion and garments productions it's fundamental for laboratories to define the various slivers yarn count of different textile materials as e.g. wool, polyester, silk, linen, etc., as well as the determination of the roving yarn count.

The electric automatic Wrap-reel 11 - Branca Idealair, with brushless motor, optical sensor for turns no. count, is the ideal apparel for the preparation of slivers and rovings during hanks preparation.

The electric automatic Wrap reel 11S is equipped with:
  • Brushless motor: noiseless, electronically controlled for a gradual acceleration and for a smooth deceleration
  • External potentiometer, to fix the motor speed at desired rpm;
  • Small roller, with rotation in adherence to the drum for sample preparation;
  • Electronic counter to set turns no. and count reading (1 turn) on display;
  • Manual cutter with protection cover, in accordance to the safety Standards;
  • Yarn carrier for material samples;

  • Specifications


  • Drum circumference: 1 mt (Metric type) or 1 yard (English type)
  • Motor speed: X<50 rpm (also controlled by external potentiometer);
  • Electronic counter range: from 0 - 9999 turns
  • Power supply: 110/60HZ or 230VAC/50HZ ;
  • Dimensions: 450 x 260 x 470 mm;
  • Net Weight: 15 Kg

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