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Manual twist-tester 18

Determination of the Twistings no. of plied and multi-plied yarns

UNI EN BS ISO 2061, UNI 9067, UNI 9277, UNI 9069, DIN 53832, BS 2085, ASTM D1422-99, ASTM D1423-02, IWTO 25-70



50 cm - 19.68 Inches
1 m - 39.37 Inches
2 m - 78.74 Inches

The 'Manual twist-tester 18' allows to determine the exact twisting no. of double and multi-plied yarns; it allows just approximately the determination of twisting no. of single yarns.

The twist-tester 18 consists of a structure described below:

1) On the right side the handle controlled by the operator helps to turn both in S or Z direction and the two dial indicators show a constant overview of the turns count; the left dial indicator shows the hundreds and the thousands of unit from 0 to 3000, while the right one shows the units and the tens from 0 to 100.
2) On the left side the movable equipment (elongometer) with yarn pretension is equipped by a fixed measuring scale and with an index adding or removing manually pretension masses to/from the support; the scale shows the elongation of the yarn during untwist/re-twist operations on a double scale expressed both in mm and in inches.

The movable equipment can be moved along a fixed guide and it can be fixed at the desired length thanks to the graduated measure scale and the distance between the clamps can be fixed. The test methods used with manual twist-tester 18 are:

  • Direct counting method: only untwist S or Z;
  • Untwist-Re-twist method: directions S/Z or Z/S;

  • Separation needle, to separate the plied and multi plied yarns during the untwist operation;
  • Inspection handglass, for a better analysis of the parallelism between the yarn filament;



Twisting no. read-out:Mechanical counter with two quadrants
Pretension set:1..88 g
Dimensions:1380 x 260 x 280 mm
Net weight: 12 Kg

  • Direct counting (only untwist);
  • Untwist/Retwist;

  • Plied yarns;
  • Multi-plied yarns;
  • OE yarns;
  • Single yarns;
  • Others;
  • Twist-tester 18 rotation handle for manual control
  • Manual twist-tester 18 for folded yarns

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