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Electronic Twist-tester 61

Determination of number of twist for single, plied and multi-plied, OE yarns, etc.

UNI 9069, UNI EN ISO 2060, ISO 2061, ASTM D1423, ASTM D1422, UNI EN BS ISO 2061, UNI 9067, UNI 9277, UNI 9069, ASTM D1422-99, ASTM D1423-02, NMX-A-021-1976, BS 2085, DIN 53832, ITWO 25-70



Sample lenght: 50 cm - 19.68 Inches
Sample lenght: 1 m - 39.37 Inches
Sample lenght: 2 m - 78.74 Inches

The "Electronic Twist-tester 61" is the innovative model of twist-tester for determination of twist of yarn

Manufactured by Branca Idealair and designed to determine the exact number of twist for single e.g. spun or filament yarns, plied, cabled, multi-level, Open-End yarns and other yarns typology in accordance to national and International Standards.

The electronic twist-tester 61S is in conformity with Standards UNI 9069, UNI EN ISO 2060, ISO 2061, ASTM D-1423, ASTM D-1422

The Electronic Twist-tester 61 is suitably designed to determine the twistings no. with the highest accuracy up to +/- 0,1 turn, suitable both for single and double and multi-plied yarns with variable lengths from 0 to 50 cm in standard models or special ones up to 1 or 2 mt of sample length.

Yarn twisting S/Z Yarn twisting Z/S

The Electronic Twist-tester 61S is a user-friendly solution for all operators thanks to its comfortable 5" display with Touch Screen that allows users to choose the required test methods available in its advanced software program as e.g. untwist-retwist operations and other procedures already included in the STANDARD model as indicated here below:
- SINGLE, untwist-retwist suitable for single yarn;
- DIRECT COUNTING, only yarn untwist;
- DUAL F1, separation of plied yarns (2 ends yarn) + DUAL F2, for determination of turns no. of last yarn end;
- SCHUTZ METHOD, according to the 2nd Appendix New “double test check” worked out by Messrs. M.KUENY, H.LE CHATELIER and R.A. SCHUTZ;
- MANUAL CONTROL, motor control set directly by the operator with turns count reading;

supplementary test methods are implemented only in the PRO model :
- MULTI-LEVEL, suitable to determine the turns no. of plied yarns up to 5 levels;
- MULTI-BOBBIN, direct analysis on Single, Direct Counting, Dual, Multi-level yarns following the operator step by step during all test procedure;

Electronic twist-tester 61S ASCII printer
The test bullettin is printed out across the ASCII Printer on request, where the operator can introduce data and notes set in the main setting, e.g.:
- Company;
- Apparatus no.;
- Tension in grams;
- Notes;

Test report includes also info about:
- Direction of twist (SZ or ZS);
- Sample length, expressed in cm or inches;
- Saved memory up to 20 results per test method;

Statistical evaluations:
- Minimum;
- Maximum;
- Average;
- Delta (Max-min);
- Coefficient of Variation (CV%);
- Standard Deviation (ST.Dev%);

Stored data can be expressed both in TPM (Twist per meter) or in TPI (Twist per Inch) always chosen by the operator; the measure unit chosen are shown on test report;

During the test the HMI panel shows input data and evaluation data, e.g.:
Current clamp rotating speed (rpm);
Number of twist on real time;
Test index (1..20);
Direction of twist (S/Z or Z/S);
Operation commands e.g. START, INTERRUPT, REPEAT, etc.);

For STANDARDmodels:
20 results available for SINGLE;
20 results available for DIRECT;
20 results available for DUAL;
20 results available for SCHUTZ;

For SPECIAL models:
20 results available for MULTI-LEVEL;

Electronic twist-tester 61S Software TWIST_STAT04

TWIST_STAT04: software for external PC across USB communication allows to manage automatic statistical evaluations of results, trend analyses, Macros and Operation formula with Microsoft Excel;

Electronic twist-tester 61S ASCII printer Electronic twist-tester 61S Software TWIST_STAT04


  • HMI User Interface: 5" Display Touch Screen
  • Pretension mass:
  • 1 x 0,5 g
    1 x 1 g
    1 x 2 g
    1 x 3 g
    1 x 5 g
    1 x 7 g
    1 x 10 g
    1 x 15 g
    1 x 40 g

  • 1 x 50 g
    1 x 100 g
    1 x 150 g
    1 x 200 g
    1 x 250 g

  • Motor rotation speed: 5 ÷ 3000 rpm
  • Power supply: 110VAC/60HZ or 230VAC/50HZ;
  • Dimensions: 1100 x 260 x 280 mm
  • Net weight: 20 Kg

The twist-tester [Standard version] is able to perform test methods as shown below:
  • SINGLE, Untwist-Retwist Method;
  • DIRECT, determination of twist in yarn by Direct-Counting Method;
  • DUAL determination of twist in plied and multi-level yarns;
  • SCHUTZ, determination of twist in OE yarns by Schutz Method;
  • MANUAL control;

and with the Twist-tester [Special version] in addition:
  • MULTI-LEVEL test method (suitable for multi-plied yarns);
  • MULTI-BOBBINS, Guided analysis to test multiple yarn packages;
  • Twist-tester-Control-board
  • Twist-tester-61S
  • Electronic-Twist-tester-61
  • Twist-tester-61S
  • Electronic-twist-tester-61

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