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Precision electronic scales

For the determination of yarn count ideal for yarns, slivers and rovings according to national and international Standards

ISO 3374, UNI EN 29073, UNI 8014/2- 3- 4, UNI EN BS ISO 2060, UNI 5114, BS 2471, ISO 3801, ASTM D-1907, D-2646, D-3776



Grammatura tessuti-gr/m2 (0,01 g)
Titolo filati / Yarn count (0,001 g)

Together with the Yarn-reel 08,09, the precision electronic scales with an accuracy resolution at 0,001 g allowing the users to determine the exact yarn, sliver, roving count according to national and international Standards as UNI, ISO, ASTM, etc.;

Together with the Circular sample cutter 16, the precision electronic scales with an accuracy resolution at 0,01 g are used to determine mass per unit areas (e.g.: gr/m2) of fabrics in compliance with national and international Standards.

STA Branca Idealair includes the auxiliary calibration mass for periodical scale calibration (on request).

Equipped with external power supply and internal rechargeable battery.

FYI: The precision electronic scales are used in accordance to their specific applications and on request, they are supplied together with other textile testing instruments by Branca Idealair.


  • Reading accuracy: 0,001 g or 0,01 g;
  • Plate dimensions: 150x140 mm;
  • Scale plate: 130 mm;

Equipped together with:

  • LCD display with backlight;
  • COM serial port for external PC communication;
  • Selection of 5 filter levels;
  • Measure units: grams, carats, ounces, pounds, Penn., Once tr., Grain, tael, hon, sgp, roc, momme;
  • Counting function selectable;
  • Internal rechargeable battery and external power supply included;
  • Package: included;
  • Dimensions: 250 x 185 x 80 h mm
  • Weight: 1,5 kg;
  • Dimensions (Package): 350 x 270 x 170 h mm
  • Weight: 2,8 kg;

  • Precision electronic scales for yarn count or fabrics mass/sqm
  • Precision electronic scales weights
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