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Moisture Regain tester 70S

Analyses of moisture content (MC%), moisture regain (MR%) of textile materials with oven-drying method




Fiber moisture Regain oven
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The textile fibers have hygroscopic features and can absorb or lose a variable amount of water in relation to temperature C and relative humidity % of climatic conditions where they are stored; e.g. scoured wool absorbs up to 30% of moisture content without feeling it by human touch.

The Moisture Content MC% and Moisture Regain MR% of textile fiber materials become relevant points for commercial negotiations, because of frequent disputes commonly met by suppliers and customers, thus it's very helpful to determine the most precise percentage of moisture content that a material can have; the fiber conditioning permits end user to evaluate the Calculated Invoice Mass (%) of bulk consignment.

The result is calculated by determining the Oven-Dry Mass of core sample analyzing the Moisture Content MC% and the Moisture Regain MR% after drying processes according to the standard regain (%) of fiber materials.

According to the Standards UNI, ISO, IWTO, ASTM about linear density, the Regain tester 70S is an apparatus extremely useful in production, but widely used in public conditioning too; the samples are dried up to 105C 2C and up to 130C 2C for silk permitting the operator to determine the Oven-Dry Mass once weighing difference measured between two successive drying cycles is lower than the maximum difference admitted e.g. X < (0,03 .. 0,05) % easily set by the operator.


Regain Tester 70S determines the moisture content (MC%), the moisture regain (MR%) and the Calculated Invoice Mass of fibers (Kg) when the fiber is bought or sold on this basis in accordance to the official regain values of textile materials.

The negative pressure airflow allows to do the quickest drying processes in an extreme short cycle time keeping the material soft and uniform.

The peculiar feature of the automatic Regain tester 70S is the uniform air distribution duly-filtered in each point of the test zone, thus the material contained inside the accurately tared can without any presence of dusts and other solid particles suspended in the air trapped by the air inlet filter.

The temperature C close control is possible thanks to the PID control that ensures a constant temperature inside the test zone.

METTLER TOLEDO precision scale with a reading accuracy of 0,01 g can measure up to 4 Kg of material put into the basket, while the reading of weighing masses can be red directly on the display.

The purpose of Branca Idealair is to get the operator free of any manual actions (just only preliminary preparation of samples are requested), while all drying loop cycles include the automatic archive of dry masses after the weighing operations are done automatically helping the users to follow other laboratory tests enjoying of its full potential technology offered.


Automatic processes of Regain tester 70S are managed by a logic programmable unit properly integrated with temperature close-control; the PID control improve reliability and precision on temperature regulation operating across solid state relays with a temperature probe.


An application Software for Statistical Analyses manages data transmission/reception and further calculations thanks to the mathematical formulas of Microsoft Excel; the software license is a dongle USB that enables add-ins toolbar of Excel easy to install and easy to use.


An optional ASCII PRINTER is designed to print after each test an overall report showing all masses collected after every single drying process, and also the calculations of moisture regain, moisture content and the calculation of merchant correction to apply to material batches; the ASCII printer can be supplied in thermal or matrix impact version on request.

The conditioning certificate includes the following statement:

  • DATE and TIME
  • TARA, weight of the basket
  • CORE SAMPLE WEIGHT, weight of core material taken in sampling
  • OVEN DRY WEIGHT, weight of the core sample after all moisture has been removed by drying process
  • LOSS, difference in weight between the Core Sample Weight and the Oven Dry Weight. The Loss represents the weigth of water which was present in the core sample
  • REGAIN, weight of water in the core sample expressed as a percentage of the Oven Dry Weight
  • NETT WEIGHT, OVEN DRY, weight of oven dry material calculated to be in the consignment
  • OFFICIAL REGAIN, at reference percentage is the weight which must be added to the Nett Weight, Oven Dry to determine the Invoice Weight at the nominated Regain
  • INVOICE WEIGHT, weight of material which would be present if it was conditioned to the nominated Regain

Regain Tester 70S complies with the Standard IWTO 33, IWTO 34.




Weighing range: 0 6100 g;
Scale accuracy: +/- 0,01 g;
Heating: 14 KW;
Drying T(C) range: 40 105C (Max 140 C);
Close-control: 0,5C;
Basket diameter: 245 mm;
Basket height 1: 310 mm for raw materials;
Basket height 2: 190 mm for Skeins;
Basket height 3: 220 mm for low basis weight;
Drying time: 5 minutes for raw material;
Drying time: 10 minutes for yarn skeins;
Power supply: 3 PH+ Neutral + PE (voltage to be defined);
Dimensions: 1030 x 630 x 1000 mm;
Net weight: 170 kg;

TEXTILES FIBERS (Official Regain value %):
Wool and worsted yarns: 18,25 %
Washed wool and carded yarns: 17,00 %
Natural silk: 11,00 %
Cotton: 08,50 %
Viscose: 13,00 %
Acrylic: 2,00 %
Discontinuous polyamide (Nylon): 06,25 %
Polyester discontinuous: 1,50 %
Blend filbers: (XX, XX) %

* The "Blend fibers" can be set by the operator inside initial setting screen *

If samples contain mixed fibers of different material, then the operator can set the presence percentage of fibers per material.

Regain Tester 70S is mainly used in the laboratories for fiber classification and quality control or in conditioning areas.


Combed yarns and wool: 18,25%;
Carded yarns and washed wool: 17,00%;
Natural silk: 11,00%;
Cotton: 08,50%;
Viscose: 13,00%;
Acrylic: 02,00%;
Discontinuous polyamide (Nylon): 06,25%;
Discontinuous polyester: 01,50%;
Other fibers: XX, XX%;

* The "other fibers" is configurable through a numeric keypad on HMI panel operator;

If the test sample contains two or more fibers with a different Regain the management software of the Regain tester calculates automatically the correct Regain to be considered.

The Moisture Regain tester is suitable in the laboratories for Textile, for fibers analysis and as a reference instruments all other applicable driers, hot plates, etc..;

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  • Biella-Public-Conditioning
  • Fiber-Conditioning-Oven

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