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Manual Regain tester 70

For the determination of moisture content and moisture regain of textile fibers with oven-drying method

UNI 9213 (Parte 1a 6a ), IWTO 33-34, ASTM D1909, UNI 8476 - ISO 3074, ASTM D2495-07



Regain tester 70
Regain tester 70
Regain tester 70 + HMI touch
Manutenzione - Servicing
Stampante - ASCII printer
Software - Software for analyses

The manual regain testing oven 70 allows to determine exactly the moisture regain, the moisture content and correction of regain to be applied to textile fiber materials like wool, cotton, silk, discontinuous polyammide, polyester and other materials according to IWTO 33-34 and other international Standard.

As already anticipated, the manual regain tester 70 is a drying tester able to determine the moisture regain (%), the moisture content (%) and the regain correction (%) to be applied to every kind of textile fiber materials; just after being weighed with a precision scale at +/- 0,01 g of accuracy, the samples are subsequently submitted to drying loop cycles, where the airflow pass across the samples by suction keeping the materials homogeneous and soft and keeping the original physical structure always as per the beginning.

The air, suitably filtered with an air inlet pre-filter, is heated up by power heaters commanded with a special close-control able to maintain and to keep stable temperature under the closest tolerances at +/- 0,5C.

During the preparation the samples have to be put inside dedicated stainless steel baskets (equivalent to the "Tare"); after the initial weighing operations for tare and original wet mass determination, the operator can start the drying set at the SetPoint Temperature up the end of process determining the dry mass of material.

An HMI User interface with Touch Screen TFT 3" allows the operator to manage and monitor easily every single step across setting and manual operations described on the screen. Moreover all test results are stored on a saved memory or released from an ASCII printer in paper format mounted on board or transferred on and Excel Workfile with external application software.

The manual regain tester 70 has to be powered from a 3-phases power supply of 400VAC/50Hz with neutral (N) and protective conductor (PE). Different power supply information has to be noticed to our technical department before the preparation of the product.



Power supply: 400 VAC/50 Hz + N+ PE
Temperature: 50-105 C (on request up to 140 C)
Temperature accuracy: 0,1 C
Weighing range: 0..6100 g
Scale reading accuracy: +/- 0,01 g
Basket diameter: 245 mm
Basket height: 310 mm; 190 mm;
Basket standard mass: 1600 g at least
Test time: < 5 minutes on fibers;
<10 minutes on yarn bobbins
Power 1 heaters group: 5 kW
Power 2 heaters group: 5 kW
Main blower power consumption: 0,7 kW
Maximum power installed: 11 kW (400 V)
External dimensions: (L x P x A): 1030 x 630 x 1930 mm
Net weight: 170 kg
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