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Air proof 37SI

Air proof tests on materials in Textile, Precision Acoustics, Building tents and other applications

Air proof 37SI



Air proof 37SI does tests on technical textiles, low-permeability fabrics, automotive, building tents and other application fields.

Air proof 37SI is equipped with three special test areas with side closure system to avoid lateral air leaks by the sample; the apparel allows to do the sampling of the material in multiple points of analyses and automatic verify of surfaces not air proof, outputting results expressed in the available measure units as Lt/min, Lt/h, Lt/m2/s and many Others.

Original test areas100cm2
Reduction flanges2, 5, 10, 20, 38, 50, 100 cm2;

Manual or automatic regulation of pressure drop from 10 to 2500 Pa through lamination components commanded by logic programmable control.

HMI Touch screen with 7" display for parameters setting, test monitor, results stored data and other useful functions.

.csv files exporting through Webserver unit with serial RTU or TCP-IP communication through an external LAN slot.

Thanks to the innovative technology applied to all models Air proof 37SI is able to analyze air flow values extremely low up to 0,01 Lt/min useful to find micro air leaks in sample surface with extremely quick times (5-10 sec/test).

  • Print out of test report through ASCII printer with the overall indication of company details, description of the material under examination, test results listing and operator signature.
  • Management software and statistical analyses evaluation.


[AIR FLOW RANGE] (Measure range): from 0,01 to 10 Lt/min;

  • 100 cm2

  • 50 cm2;
  • 20 cm2;
  • 10 cm2;
  • 5 cm2;
  • 2 cm2;


  • Impact or Thermal ASCII printer width of 57,5 mm, 24 columns, USB slot for serial communication;
  • Sleeve 100 cm2 to avoid lateral air leaks;
  • Reduction flange 50 cm2 for special materials;

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