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Air permeability 37SC

Air permeability of fabrics for laboratory tests, QC textile processing and production checks

UNI EN ISO 9237, EN ISO 9073 - 15, ISO 48, ISO 139, ISO 10012-1, ASTM D-737, JIS L 1096 A, DIN 53887, EDANA 140.1, GOST 12088 - 77, ASTM D-3574, TAPPI T-251, AFNOR G-07 111 - ASTM D737 - BS 5636 - DIN 53887 - EDA NA 140.1 - GB T 5453 - WSP 070.



Air permeability tester for fabrics
0..1000 Pa
0..2500 Pa
Taratura strumento / Calibration
Manutenzione - Servicing
Stampante - ASCII printer
Software BAP_04 : Statistical Analyses
Parti di ricambio - Spare parts

Air permeability 37SC is the state-of-art of air permeability testers for FABRICS

Branca Air permeability 37SC measures air permeability of textile materials such as clothing and industrial fabrics, technical, downproof, nonwovens, filters, felts, tents, foam materials and other fabric types.

BAP 37SC has innovative technology, eye-catching design; it provides excellent performances for air permeability tests on a huge variety of samples in the textile industry for laboratory tests, QC textile processing and production checks.

The instrument complies with the UNI EN ISO 9237:97 standard that considers air permeability of a fabric such as the rate at which an air volume passes perpendicularly to a sample with specific test area and pressure drop.

The structure of the Air permeability 37SC is a floor standing unit with wheels to move it easily within the work spaces.

Air permeability allows you to test multiple sample points acquiring permeability values quickly and listing a final report.
Through the permeability tests on multiple points of the material, uniformity is determined and therefore the sample quality.

Following the setting of the test parameters, the operator starts the tests through the HMI Touch Screen panel by checking the pressure drop regulation and saving the results at the end.
Pressure drop control is critical and is monitored if within the acceptable limits, otherwise the test will be interrupted.

The vacuum is generated by a BAP 37SC self-cooled suction unit mounted inside the apparel.
Consider a sound pressure level lower than 40 dB.

Through the QUICK CHECK test function the operator gets the results of air permeability quickly after a few seconds, particularly on low-permeable samples.

Air permeability 37SC is supplied with calibration template for calibration check and test area reduction flanges of 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 cm2.

The sample is tightened between the flanges with upper and lower gasket of the test area.

On request, the side locking ring is provided, excluding air leaks laterally and without distorting the test sample.

The sample blocking system can be manual by means of fixing knob or electromechanical type commanded with a switch on control panel.

The regulation of pressure drop can be MANUAL or AUTOMATIC type

Air permeability 37SC is designed to support the tablecloths of the material to slide on the test area to verify its uniformity.

Air permeability calibration check plate

Test area reduction flanges are adopted together with the instrument and used in relation to the individual features of the samples to be tested; on request the test area of 38 cm2 is commonly employed in test performances at a pressure drop of 125 Pa according to the Standard ASTM D-737.

E.g.: Test with calibration check template;

Through the HMI 5" Touch Screen the user can configure parameters setting and view test monitoring:

Original test area:100 cm2
Test area reduction flanges: 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 cm2
Pressure drop accuracy: 0..900 +/- 0,1 Pa; 0..2500 +/- 0,1 Pa;
Pressure drop regulation: Manual Automatic
Test results: Lt/min, Lt/h, m/s, Lt/m2/s (or mm/s), Others


1) ASCII Printer: once the test is finished, the user can print the test results on paper report thanks to auxiliary ASCII printer (available in both impact or thermal models). Inside the test listing report are shown the following information:
  • Company
  • Address
  • Operator
  • Sample No.
  • Supplier
  • Ambient Temperature ( C)
  • Ambient R.H.(%)
  • Additional notes
  • Test results expressed in the selected measure units Lt/min, Lt/m2/s, m/s, etc.
  • Operator signature

2) BAP04 Application Software: add-ins software with data logging and remote control functions and statistical calculations of test results through Microsoft Office Excel compatible all versions 1997, 2000, 2003, 2008, 2013 , etc.
  • Easy programming in Excel
    • The user can set all parameters from a Local-PC configuring cells as monitoring and setting of the machine in the Excel Workfile communicating and sending command and information thorugh a bidirectional communication of the instrument;

  • Data storage and automatic saving to a destination folder named as "ARCHIVE"
  • Flexibility
  • Automatic Macro Start-up Start
    • The macro recorded by the user when the program is active

  • CHARACTER CHANGE: signaling change of On/Off conditions
  • OPERATION FORMULA: automatic calculation through math formulas set by the operator for each cell;
mm/s (Lt/m2/s);

AIRFLOW MEASURE RANGE: da 1,4 mm/s a 8056 mm/s;
* FYI: availability to speed up test thanks to the function control "QUICK CHECK";

TEST AREA (cm2):

TEST AREAMIN (Lt/m2/s)MAX (Lt/m2/s)
100 cm2 1,4 161 (Original)
50 cm2 2,8322 (Reductions)
38 cm23,7424 (ASTM D-737)
20 cm26,9806 (Reductions)
10 cm213,91611 (Reductions)
5 cm2 27,83222 (Reductions)
2 cm269,4 8056 (Reductions)

  • 0 - 900 Pa (0-90 mm.Wg)
  • 0 - 2500 Pa (0-250 mm.Wg)

  • 100 cm2
  • 200 cm2

  • 50 cm2;
  • 20 cm2;
  • 10 cm2;
  • 5 cm2;
  • 2 cm2;


Minimum airflow: 50 Lt/h (equal to 0,84 Lt/min)
Maximum airflow: 5800 Lt/h (equal to 96,6 Lt/min)
Test air volume: 10 Lt /100 Lt
Maximum permitted error (MPE): 3% (according to UNI Standard)
Power supply: 110/230VAC - 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (LxDxH): 600 x 600 x 1150 mm
Net weight: 100 kg

  • ASCII Printer 57,5 mm, 24 columns with USB slot;
  • Sleeve of 100 cm2 to avoid air sides passage for thicker samples;
  • Dedicated reduction flanges of 50 cm2 for special samples;
  • Reduction flanges of 38 cm2 according to the norm ASTM D-737;
  • Air permeabilty 37SC with manual control

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