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Branca Idealair offers innovative solutions through the installation of advanced HVAC systems for commercial and industrial air conditioning, ideal for temperature close-control inside big working areas, special prototype applications or modular industrial processes according to requirements and technical specifications.

Thanks to its know-how, efforts and experiences all over the years of installations and testings it is now possible to choose the proper air conditioning unit model "Ducted" selected according to Branca Idealair indications based on installation drawings and according to KW of capacity, of the air volume, of internal heat dissipations, of solar radiations and of number of operators, etc.

Energetic class A++ Ducted unit Branca Idealair

Extremely high close-control performances on temperature in stand-by conditions.

Environment protection represents an additional value and deserves a particular consideration day by day and especially in terms of commercial and industrial air conditioning Branca Idealair offers GREEN solutions combining performances at high efficiency to the respect of national and international Standards, advanced performances at low power consumption with energetic class A++ (cooling) and A+ (heating) additionally revalued with the installation of heat recovery systems with crossed air flows to reduce unpleasant costs.

The choice of new refrigerant as also per the substitution of old refrigeratns is guaranteed service offered by Branca Idealair that covers at 100% the national and international laws of refrigeration according to the protocol of Kyoto and released from certification bodies.

This argument represents a topic of international interest and followed closely by Branca Idealair every day. The company follows carefully all technical upgrades following formation courses, improval of the company quality management systems (QMS), training to technical personnel and customer assistance intended as a transparent service that guarantees all the time the working operaiton of HVAC systems.

HVAC systems have 5 years of Warranty.

Ducted commercial air conditioning Branca Idealair

The quality and the efficiency are rewarded by the European Union with the highest standards (ISO 14001, ISO 9001) according to European Standards with the release of a implant registry.

Thanks to the know-how over the years, today, S.T.A. BRANCA IDEALAIR is able to develop and start up new projects focusing on different technical application fields and custom applications based on industrial processing and/or integrated systems according to the specific requirements expressed by the Customer.

In terms of quality of service, our technicians have a refrigeration licence according to the European norms as required and the company is certified ISO 9001 for all servicing activities on air conditioning systems.

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