ISO 139, ISO 187, UNI 10829 (1999), BS 3718, BS 3898, ASTM D1776 - 08e1, NMX-A-210-1982, NMX-M-004-1982, NMX-A-110-1996-INNTEX, UNI 9213 (part 1a 6a )

ISO 139, ISO 187, UNI 10829 (1999), BS 3718, BS 3898, ASTM D1776 - 08e1, NMX-A-210-1982, NMX-M-004-1982, NMX-A-110-1996-INNTEX, UNI 9213 (parte 1a 6a )



Standard Atmosphere
Climatico - Temperature&Humidity Control
Termostatico - Only Temperature control
Umidostatico - Only Humidity control
Spare parts

The Standard Atmosphere is a insulated chamber designed to cover requisites of customers about sample conditioning for Textile laboratories

The samples of fabrics, yarns and fibers are conditioned at constant thermo-hygrometric parameters according to national and international Standards for several application fields, ideal for Textile according to the Standard ISO 139.

A huge amount of laboratory analyses require uniform and stable conditions of Temperature (C) and Relative humidity (%) for sample preconditioning and further physico-mechanical tests on materials.

The factors that could influence tests are:

  • Indoor suspended particles and dusts;
  • Solar radiation;
  • Liquid or solid micro-organisms;
  • Electromagnetic fields;
  • Heating surveys;
  • Atmospheric pressure;
  • Convective air movements and turbulence;
  • Outdoors critical climatic conditions;

Specific laboratory tests require a "Standard Atmosphere" in order to get reliable, repeatable results on samples in Textile QC laboratories and other quality control on different materials.

Solutions for sample conditioning are often very rudimentary and engineers are still trying to do researches on technical advancements necessary for get more precise test performances to bypass objective issues.

The conditioning chamber Standard Atmosphere is composed of an insulated body structure ideal for Textile personally studied and designed from STA Branca Idealair for Textile Labs and other laboratories that has to manage the preparation of sample to test analyses.

The chassis of Standard Atmosphere hosts a huge amount of samples and allows to install more shelves and other special sustainable supports.

A flexible and small size solution for textile samples conditioning

The Standard Atmosphere helps the interaction by the operator thanks to the 5" HMI Touch Screen setting up PID Close-control, monitoring variables and I/O alarms diagnostics, all in accordance with IEC Standards.

Here below are described climatic ranges:

RELATIVE HUMIDITY (%) 2%65%65%50%

The conditioning cell is made of stainless steel metal structure with 60 mm of injected polyurethane foam, while the front door knobs allows the user to get a comfortable access to internal spaces.

Active safeties in presence of alarms to avoid any risks to the operator in accordance to the Safety Standards.

The refrigerant circuit is equipped with SCROLL compressors and an condensation cooling heat exchange all-in-one to allow refrigerant condensation indoors with critical temperatures up to 38C and integrated cooling evaporator on the structure.

Temperature and Relative humidity PID control works out measurement of variable with resolutions up to 0,01 C and 0,01 %.

Humidification systems supplied by an auxiliary water tank charged with demineralized water at 0F previously treated by a reverse osmosis circuit for water purification.

Power supply: 230VAC - 50Hz
110VAC - 60Hz
External temperature (Lab): 18C - 24C
Internal temperature (Chamber): (20 - 23) 0,5C
Internal relative humidity (Chamber): (50 - 65) 2 %
Heating: 0,9 KW
Cooling: 0,5 KW
Humidification: 0,3 KW
Power consumption: 1,6 KW
External dimensions: 600 X 620 X 1380 (mm)
Internal dimensions: 500 X 500 X 1100 (mm)
Net weight: 220 Kg
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