E.C. Type [MINI]

Laboratory air volume 25 m3

ISO 139/187, BS EN 20139/20187, DIN 50015, ERT 60-1, ASTM D1776, M&S PGA, EDANA, BISFA Standards, etc.



Climatic Unit Type MINI Branca Idealair
Tipo [MINI] Climatico - Thermohygrometric control
Tipo [MINI] Termostatico - Temperature control
Manutenzione - Servicing
Ispezione - Inspection
Mappatura - Mapping
Supporto remoto - Remote support
Spare parts

Climatic Element Type MINI performs laboratory precision air conditioning up to 25 m3 ensuring a continuous temperature and humidity control.

Climatic Element Type MINI guarantees the proper carrying out of the ISO / IEC 17025 laboratory activities in the various application fields and it is particularly suitable for sample conditioning and laboratory testing according to standards of quality.

Based on the requirements, climatic control within tolerance limits for temperature and humidity guarantees the reliability and reproducibility of test results

The unit provides climatic control within the following:

Temperature: (20 23) 0,5 C;
Relative humidity: (50 65) 2 %;

For applications where thermal loads are expected, such as heat dissipations from motors, high outdoor temperature, solar radiations and other elements that may affect laboratory climatic conditions, it is advisable to provide a suitable thermal insulation of the environment from the walls to the insulated ceiling.

The Climatic unit Type MINI is also used in special rooms for "precision weighing scales", thanks to the filtration system.

Upon request Climatic Element Type MINI is supplied with isolated cabin to avoid structural changes of the building.

At first the design of the cabin will be studied and realized according to the specific requests.

The unit's composition is divided into two modules:

  • Indoor unit, used for air distribution to laboratory;
  • Outdoor cabinet, which includes the electrical circuit, the refrigeration group and the user interface;

Based on the information provided by the customer and followed by a first inspection, our technicians notes all technical data necessary for the proper design of the unit.

Air distribution ensures correct tangential air flow to walls at speeds below 0.15 meters per second, reducing convective movements inside the room, especially for test benches where gravimetric sampling of thin powders are carried out and other special rooms for weighing measurements.

Moreover the air recirculation is studied to ensure total recovery of heat stratified under the ceiling.

The User interface is mounted on the front panel of the external module and has a switch, a magnetothermic security and a HMI touch screen panel to set the desired values ​​and adjustment parameters, real-time temperature and relative humidity monitoring, graphic trends for a check of the correct regulation of the Climatic Element type MINI in the long run.

Climatic Element type MINI monitoring includes alarm diagnostics, statistics and troubleshooting guidelines.

The humidity control device is based on the principle of adiabatic saturation and manages the temperature of the dew point with excellent performance on relative humidity. The water inlet to humidification system at 0F with osmosis depuration system.

The refrigerant circuit is equipped with a copper copper evaporator that excludes oxide formation and increased heat absorption from the fins and pipes.

Centrifugal fan with automatic control as required by EU standards to automatically manage lowering of air circulation from the air circuit.

Via the USB and ETHERNET communication port, the operator can connect remotely and download temperature and humidity data via the SCADA software.

The managemnt software also allows remote communication with Branca Idealair for troubleshooting assistance and ensures rapid system intervention and evaluation of spare parts to be replaced in advance.

Technical Support Branca Idealair

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Climatic Element Type 0


Heating: 0,8 KW
Cooling: 0,8 KW
Refrigerant: R410a
Humidification: 0,25 KW
Air flow: 250 m3/h
Ventilation: 0,20 KW
Transmission: Coaxial
Air exchange: By suction
Condensation: Air, Water, Cooled chilled water
Temperature: 10 30 C
Relative humidity: 40 80 %
Water inlet: 16 C
Total power installed: 1,5 KW
Power supply: 230VAC / 50 HZ
Dimensions (LxPxA): 60 x 30 x 180 (Internal unit)
Dimensions (LxPxA): 70 x 30 x 180 (External unit)
Net weight: 100Kg


Climatic Element Type MINI is used in the following areas:
  • Textile testing laboratories
  • Paper and cardboard testing laboratories
  • Laboratories for gravimetric sampling of thin powders PM10, PM2,5, etc.
  • Precision weighing rooms
  • Calibration testing laboratories
  • Laboratories accreditated ISO / IEC 17025
  • Small metrological rooms
  • Other compatible applications
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