E.C. Type [MINI]

Laboratory air volume 9 25 m3

ISO 139/187, BS EN 20139/20187, DIN 50015, ERT 60-1, ASTM D1776, M&S PGA, EDANA, BISFA Standards, etc.



Climatic Unit Type MINI Branca Idealair
Tipo [MINI] Climatico - Thermohygrometric control
Tipo [MINI] Termostatico - Temperature control
Manutenzione - Servicing
Ispezione - Inspection
Mappatura - Mapping
Supporto remoto - Remote support
Spare parts

Lab project development Branca

The Climatic unit Type MINI - Branca Idealair permits a precision air conditioning inside small ambients and laboratory rooms as well as inside the insulated cabins with air volumes up to 25 m3 assuring a constant temperature and relative humidity close-control.

The Climatic unit Type MINI is ideal for laboratory activities in different application areas and particularly for samples pre-conditioning guaranteeing repeatability and reproducibility of results during the tests, always keeping stable thermo-hygrometric conditions under control in accordance to their specific Standard requirements.

The Climatic unit Type MINI guarantees the precise control of following ambient parameters:

Temperature: (20 23) 0,5 C;
Relative humidity: (50 65) 2 %;

For application fields wherein critical factors as motor loads, outdoor high temperature, solar radiation and other influencing elements that could strongly affect ambient conditions, a suitable thermal insulation of the room or laboratories has to be provided and it has only to be considered as key benefit for the end-user.

The Climatic unit Type MINI is suitable both for the air conditioning of materials and samples and "Clean-room Scales", thanks to its filtration system, and it can be supplied together with an insulated cabin on request to avoid any further modifications on building architecture.

The Climatic unit Type MINI consists of two cabinets:

  • Indoor cabinet, used for the air flow distribution;
  • Outdoor cabinet, including the cooling circuit, the electrical parts and the user interface;

The Customer needs to provide to Branca Idealair technical studio fundamental information about power supply and water surveys before the realization of the Type MINI to provide a suitable arrangement, installation and final testing.

The air flow distribution assures a correct air flow direction tangential to the walls with an air speed lower than 0,15 m/s to reduce at minimum level the convective air movements inside the room, particularly on the work tops, ideal for PM 10 and PM 2,5 rooms or for precision scales room to avoid any measurement influences during the weighing. The recirculation air flow is ensured to avoid any possible hot air convective movements or air stratification under the ceiling.

The Control User Interface is equipped with external switches for System Ready and Power On/Off and an HMI Touch Screen ideal for the user to interact with the unit monitoring easily at any time the conditions of temperature and humidity and the trend graphs to analyse the stability during the long period; a section designed for parameters setting and alarms diagnostics - statistics, which includes an help guide for users and help link to online direct support.

Thanks to its innovative humidification system based on a principle of adiabatic saturation effect and dew point under close-control the conditions of laboratory are guaranteed 24/24 per day all over the year.

The refrigerant circuit is equipped with an evaporator made in copper/copper avoiding any effect of material oxidation and consequently a better effect the heat exchange by the fins of cooling evaporator; the main centrifugal fan has an automatic control device to adjust rotation speed (rpm) in accordance to the progressive increase of system air loss.

The Climatic unit is equipped with air pre-filters on front side an duct panels, while on the renewal air intake there are final filters that have filtration class F6.

The water inlet feed must be at 0F using a special energy-saving device for water purification.

Thanks to the external USB port the operator can connect and download the data of temperature and relative humidity through an add-ins software that allows to collect thermo-hygrometric data and in addition it allows the remote assistance, which is highly used to reduce the breakdown period of the Climatic Element MINI in case of alarms or faults by the system ensuring a quick service and offering an evaluation of spare parts to be substituted.

Technical Support Branca Idealair

or to download GENERAL CATALOG, then just click here below:

Climatic Element Type 0


Heating: 0,8 KW
Cooling: 0,8 KW
Refrigerant: R410a
Humidification: 0,25 KW
Air flow: 250 m3/h
Ventilation: 0,20 KW
Transmission: Coaxial
Air exchange: By suction
Condensation: Air, Water, Cooled chilled water
Temperature: 10 30 C
Relative humidity: 40 80 %
Water inlet: 16 C
Total power installed: 1,5 KW
Power supply: 230VAC / 50 HZ
Dimensions (LxPxA): 60 x 30 x 180 (Internal unit)
Dimensions (LxPxA): 70 x 30 x 180 (External unit)
Net weight: 100Kg


  • Precision air conditioning for materials and samples for Textile, Paper, Paperboard, etc.
  • Small laboratories ISO 139 for Textile
  • Precision air conditioning for FABRICS, YARNS AND FIBERS
  • Laboratories for Soft dusts sampling in conformity with EN12341
  • Precision scales weighing room
  • Small laboratories for Paper and Paperboard ISO 187
  • Small laboratories for mechanical metrology ISO 1 (es. calliper, Johnson Blocks)
  • Others
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